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A Shoeless, One-Handed Catch Just Happened in the Raiders Game

Here's Andre Watson showing you that it ain't about the shoes. 

Nobody Came Back to the Redskins Game After Halftime

If a massive ice storm was barreling down on your city, would you want to sit and watch your favorite NFL team get absolutely worked?

Baby Andy Reid is Hilarious, In Better Shape Than the Real Andy Reid

Having a young child seems like a tremendous amount of work. On the bright side, you can dress it up however you see fit on

Andy Reid Danced Like No One Was Watching

Guys, the Kansas City Chiefs are 7-0. Last season, they finished 2-14. That’s quite an improvement. New coach Andy Reid is fired up about the

Dexter McCluster’s Punt Return Will Blow Your Mind

The Kansas City Chiefs improved to 4-0 yesterday with a straight-up shellacking of the New York Giants, thanks in part to this incredible meandering 89-yard

The Truth About the Trent Richardson Trade, Plus the Thursday Night Pick

Trades don’t normally happen during an NFL regular season. Last year, the trade deadline came and went without anyone getting dealt despite lots of speculation

People Upset About Strippers at Kansas City Chiefs Games Because We Can’t Have Nice Things

Can’t everyone just get along? I thought this is America, a place where NFL football and exotic dancers should go together like peanut butter and

Shockingly Enough, The Raiders-Chiefs Game Featured a Savage Fan Fight

Yesterday’s Oakland Raiders-Kansas City Chiefs game featured a grand total of zero touchdowns and five field goals. Neither team is any good and everyone knows

Which NFL Teams Should Take Their Balls and Go Home

There are some teams in the NFL that are really good. There are far more teams that should pack up their locker rooms and just

Report: Kansas City Chiefs LB Jovan Belcher Killed Girlfriend, Then Committed Suicide

Incredibly sad news out of Kansas City this morning. According to CBS Sports’ Jason Canfora, Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher shot and killed his girlfriend before

Dexter McCluster Delivers Turkey to Woman, Has to Hear About How Awful the Kansas City Chiefs Are

Here’s a pretty good reason for professional athletes to stay home and count their money instead of giving back to the community.

The Kansas City Chiefs Killed a Man

Congratulations to this guy for having a solid sense of humor until the very end.

Listen to Gus Johnson’s First Gusgasm Of the 2011-2012 NFL Season

Sadly, we haven't had enough Gus Johnson in our life since he left CBS for FOX's college football announcing team. So far this