Don’t Sleep On The Chiefs Cheerleaders, They Also Made A HOT Bikini Calendar


The Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders, just like the Cowboys, Jets and Dolphins Cheerleaders, recently spent some time in a tropical locale to shoot their annual bikini calendar.


Chiefs TE Travis Kelce Makes A Jerk-Off Gesture On ‘Sunday Night Football’


Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was caught on camera doing a probably-not-safe-for-NBC jack-off gesture infront of a national TV audience.

Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs Fan Wears A GoPro Strapped To His Head On MNF


The Kansas City Chiefs broke the Guinness World Record tonight for loudest crowd noise level in an NFL stadium and noone was more stoked than this Chiefs fan who for whatever reason had a GoPro camera strapped to his head.

Tecmo Bowl

The Colts 28-point comeback, now set to Tecmo Bowl


The Colts came storming back from a 38-10 deficit to defeat the Chiefs 45-44 in Saturday's AFC Wild Card game.

Oakland Raiders

A Shoeless, One-Handed Catch Just Happened in the Raiders Game


Here's Andre Watson showing you that it ain't about the shoes.

Washington Redskins

Nobody Came Back to the Redskins Game After Halftime


If a massive ice storm was barreling down on your city, would you want to sit and watch your favorite NFL team get absolutely worked.


Baby Andy Reid is Hilarious, In Better Shape Than the Real Andy Reid


Having a young child seems like a tremendous amount of work.

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