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‘Jersey Shore’ Creatures Continue to Spawn, JWoww Now Pregnant

We are now one step closer to Jersey Shore 2035, where the children of the original cast members of Jersey Shore get together for a drunken, incestual

The Ho Equation is Proved on Last Night’s ‘Jersey Shore’

The cast of Jersey Shore pose upon their arrival at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, California, September 12,
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Vinny Goes Back-to-Back on This Week’s ‘Jersey Shore’

One week from now I’ll actually be down in Miami. I haven’t done my research yet

A Cat Fight That Would Make Raquel Welch Proud on This Week’s ‘Jersey Shore’

Thursday marked opening night for the college football season and people in Jersey were in a

The Anonymous Note and the Hippopotamus on This Week’s Jersey Shore

Those of us who have stuck through the last two episodes of "Jersey Shore" seem to

Stupidity at All-Time High on This Week’s ‘Jersey Shore’

Other than a few great one liners and Ronnie rolling off his bed drunk and landing on his head, the

Ten Burning Questions for Season 2 of ‘Jersey Shore’


The day has finally come. "Jersey Shore" is finally back in our lives. The GTL lifestyle hit South Beach back