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Justin Verlander Tossed Kate Upton a Baseball Mid-Game, Likely Messed Her Panties

What a ladykiller.

Just 33 Pictures of Kate Upton Lounging on a Mexican Beach

If you're interested in such things.

Kate Upton Definitely Maybe Dating Someone Who is Not Justin Verlander

Oh, Kate.

Even Justin Verlander Isn’t Sick of Staring at Kate Upton’s Boobs

Can't blame him.

Did Kate Upon Hate This Kiss on the Cheek from Justin Verlander at Last Night’s Knicks-Magic Game? Why, Yes, She Did

Allow me to play body language expert for a minute… Kate Upton reacts to this kiss from Justin Verlander like […]

BIG SCANDAL: Did Erin Andrews Confuse Justin Verlander and Justin Bieber?

Justin Verlander is a major league pitcher. Justin Bieber is a singer I’ve never met but seems like a totally chill dude. They share little

Now Watch All of Justin Verlander’s Four Killer Pitches in One GIF

Last week we showed you that tremendous GIF of Yu Darvish and his treasure trove of devastating pitches. Someone realized Detroit Tigers star Justin Verlander

Sports Links for August 20th: The Fake Mustache Edition

Our athletic-minded friends are here to tell us what's up in the sports blogosphere:

Minnesota Newscasters Left Speechless When Kate Upton Cat Daddy Video Plays on the Air

Classic blooper from KMSP in Minneapolis-St. Paul. While discussing Justin Verlander's Kate Upton jinx last week, the station broadcast her now-infamous "Cat Daddy" video with Uncle Terry. 

Kate Upton Won’t Let Justin Verlander Into the ‘Perfect Club’

Kate Upton took a timeout from being super-hot and Justin Verlander took a break from eating Taco Bell to team up for this

VIDEO: Justin Verlander Commits Worst Balk in Baseball History

Justin Verlander committed the strangest balk you'll ever see a pitcher make this past weekend, and maybe the weirdest play in recent Major League history.