kate upton

Kate Upton Did … Something For The TBS Camera While Watching Justin Verlander Pitch


It takes a big man to admit when he doesn't understand something.

Verlander tosses ball to Upton

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander are getting married for sure now


Why do I think Kate Upton and Justin Verlander are getting married now.

kate upton puppy

Kate Upton wants a puppy, Justin Verlander’s dog cutely objects


Get ready for a whole lot of "Daww" here, because Kate Upton posing with a puppy and Justin Verlander's dog's response are gonna make you feel very sappy.

who is Kate Upton dating

Wait, is Kate Upton back with one of her old boyfriends? Again?


Wasn't Kate Upton just spotted ruining the Detroit Tigers recently by hanging out with Justin Verlander.

Kate Upton boobs

Justin Verlander loves Kate Upton’s boobs, hates hockey


Like the rest of us, Justin Verlander is completely enamored with Kate Upton's boobs.

Nelson Cruz

Nelson Cruz grabs his crotch after Justin Verlander throws behind him


Justin Verlander threw behind Nelson Cruz this afternoon, two days after teammate Torii Hunter was beaned by Orioles pitcher Bud Norris.

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