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Comedy Central To ‘Roast’ The Shit Out Of Justin Bieber And His Photoshopped Chestnuts


On the heels of 'Saturday Night Live' shredding the Biebs to pieces, and having a nation laugh at him, not with him, Comedy Central has made it official that they'll be holding a roast for Justin Bieber this coming March.

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SNL Eviscerates Justin Bieber’s Fake Penis And His Calvin Klein Commercial


Saturday Night Live destroyed Bieber for his Calvin Klein ads which there was accusations that he photoshopped his package to make it appear larger.

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Keith Richards To Justin Bieber: ‘Who The Fuck Are You?’


According to Us Weekly, Justin Bieber, 20, was at a beach bar on the Parrot Cay island in Turks and Caicos over New Year's when he ran into an "old guy throwing back drinks" who said to him, "Who the fuck are you.


Watch And Laugh As Justin Bieber Eats Pavement Trying To Be Cool On A Skateboard

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Anytime we get the chance to see Justin Bieber fail at something, even just for a split second (which is about all we get here) we're definitely taking it.


The Most Liked Instagram Posts Of 2014 Are All Pretty Stupid


Sharing and liking Instagram photos of celebrities is fine when it makes sense (obviously this is a subjective thing at best).

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