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Justin Bieber Arrested After ATV Accident, Physical Altercation With Other Driver


Trouble continued its long tradition of seeking out Justin Bieber this weekend as the pop star was arrested following an ATV accident.

Russian Bear attack

Sweet sounds of Justine Beaver save Russian fisherman’s life from deadly bear attack


As you all know, Russia is the Florida of the East, and by that I mean it's the capital of weird news.

Shanina Shaik

Did Justin Bieber Bang a Victoria’s Secret Model, Two of the Kardashians AND a Playboy Model This Week?


Justin Bieber is dealing with the Orlando Bloom episode with hot girl after hot girl.


How To Be A Rapper


You've always wanted the money, the whips, the hoes, but you never knew how to be a famous rapper.

Orlando Bloom Justin Bieber

Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly cheered when Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Bieber


According to reports when Orlando Bloom tried to Roman Reigns Justin Bieber with a Superman punch yesterday Leonardo DiCaprio was right there applauding because he is THE COOLEST MAN ON THE PLANET.