Russian Bear attack

Sweet sounds of Justine Beaver save Russian fisherman’s life from deadly bear attack


As you all know, Russia is the Florida of the East, and by that I mean it's the capital of weird news.

Shanina Shaik

Did Justin Bieber Bang a Victoria’s Secret Model, Two of the Kardashians AND a Playboy Model This Week?


Justin Bieber is dealing with the Orlando Bloom episode with hot girl after hot girl.


How To Be A Rapper


You've always wanted the money, the whips, the hoes, but you never knew how to be a famous rapper.

Orlando Bloom Justin Bieber

Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly cheered when Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Bieber


According to reports when Orlando Bloom tried to Roman Reigns Justin Bieber with a Superman punch yesterday Leonardo DiCaprio was right there applauding because he is THE COOLEST MAN ON THE PLANET.

The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert Gloriously Mocks the Justin Bieber-Orlando Bloom Bitch-Fest


Last night, Stephen Colbert took a blow from his normal schtick of mocking politics and other world events to tackle this very unimportant story.