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Justin Bieber’s Father Once Kung-Fu Kicked a Teenage Girl

Well, maybe Joffrey Bieber isn't that bad. Look who he grew up with!

Canadian Dad Confronts Justin Bieber at Walmart for Being a Prick

If only Justin Bieber had heeded the words of Thomas Wolfe: You can't go home again.

Justin Bieber Apparently Acted Like an ENORMOUS Douche When Arrested for DUI

You're not going to believe this, but Justin Bieber acted like an asshole when the police popped him for a DUI.

Watch Selena Gomez Dance All Sexual and Shit with Justin Bieber

Of course Justin Bieber isn't wearing a shirt. I thought Selena Gomez was in rehab for this shit?

LOL, Look at How Much Justin Bieber Sucks at Basketball

Justin Bieber vs. his manager, Scooter Braun, at a court at the University of Texas. Bieber gets crossed-up in the [...]

Justin Bieber’s ‘Hook ‘Em Horns’ Pic Will Send Texas Fans to an Early Grave

Nothing to say here.

Justin Bieber Crashes a Bar In Austin to Perform, University of Texas Girl Takes Best Selfie Ever

It must suck to have a drinking establishment shut it's bar down because underage twerp Justin Bieber decides he wants to perform there last-minute.

Justin Bieber Is the the Biggest Jerk Ever In a Video of His Deposition

If you can't stand Bieber, you won't be able to stand him even more after watching these...

Well… We’re All Gonna See Justin Bieber’s Penis

It's coming.

Watch Hard Ass MFer Justin Bieber Crush Push Ups While He Was Locked Up Last Month

“I’m street mother fucker,” is probably something Justin Bieber said while doing this. This video, obtained by—who else?—TMZ, after Bieber [...]

‘Loser Keeps Bieber’ Billboard Actually Exists For Today’s USA-Canada Hockey Showdown

No one wants the Biebs. He may live in the US right now, but he’s a man without a country [...]

Justin Bieber’s Wax Statue Removed from Museum Due to Excessive Groping

Justin Bieber just can’t catch a break. As if copious legal trouble and a crippling shirt allergy aren’t enough to [...]

Miami Police Have a Video of Justin Bieber Peeing In His Jail Cell

    Oh Bieber… Don’t you know that when you get arrested, the things you do in custody can and [...]

The Zapruder Film of Justin Bieber’s Egging Incident Has Been Made Public

Shot in 1963, at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, the Zapruder film might be one of the most seminal moments in [...]

Miami Police Release a Video of Justin Bieber Getting Booked In Jail and It’s GLORIOUS

  This is a catatheric moment for all the Justin Bieber haters. Miami police have released a video of them making [...]

Justin Bieber’s Personal Pilots Have to Wear Oxygen Masks to Avoid All the Pot Smoke on His Plane

Remember when ol’ Bieber’s plane got detained in New Jersey because it smelled suspiciously of marijuana? Well, it turns out [...]

A U.S. Senator Is Throwing His Weight Behind the Justin Bieber-Deportation Petition

Thank fucking God for Twitter, lest we never know that one of the leaders of America hates Justin Bieber, too. [...]

Justin Bieber Arrested in Canada for Assaulting Limo Driver

The week of Justin Bieber continues: Just hours after his attorney entered a not guilty plea for those drunk driving charges in Miami, Bieber

The Petition to Deport Justin Bieber Has Reached 100,000 Signatures

One week after getting popped for drag racing and driving under the influence on the mean streets of Miami, Justin Bieber may soon face

This Italian Guy’s Heart is Filled With Hate for Justin Bieber—So, So Much Hate

Chalk this up as one of the hotter takes you'll hear about The Biebs. Dude is ENTHUSED. Can't understand how he has to work two jobs at

Justin Bieber Looks Happy As Hell in His Mugshot

He does. He looks very happy. It could be the combined effects of alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs or the knowledge that he

Justin Bieber Arrested, Charged With DUI and Drag Racing

Justin Bieber was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and drag racing early this morning in Miami.

Justin Bieber Sips Sizzurp All Day And How Else Would He Tolerate His Music?

According to his handlers, Justin Bieber is on a tour bus load of different drugs all day, erryday.

How Is Justin Bieber Like Congress? Allow Jon Stewart to Explain

What do a petulant boy singer and the greatest legislative body the world has ever know have in common?

Justin Bieber May Be Facing DEPORTATION After Egg-Throwing Incident

You may remember that TMZ recently published video of Justin Bieber throwing 20 eggs at his neighbor's house. This was followed by an NYPD raid on Bieber's

Guess What Ex-NFL Star Said That Justin Bieber Needs an Ass-Beating?

People are -- understandably -- pissed about Bieber egging his neighbor's house last week. 

Little Shit Justin Bieber Eggs His Neighbor’s House and It’s All Caught On Video

The neighbor called the cops on Justin Bieber , too. The video is dark, but you can hear the neighbor yelling, "I see

Justin Bieber Announces He’s Retiring From Music on Twitter on Christmas Eve, But…

OMG OMG OMG OMG.... Is this the best Christmas gift to the world since the beginning of Christmas?! Reminder: He's 19 years old, so

25 People Who Had A Worse Year Than Kanye West

Kanye West had a great 2013. He just sucks and is hated by more people than a high school bully.

Watch Comedian Chris D’Elia Call Justin Bieber a Bitch to His Face

Well, sort of. Justin Bieber went on stage during Chris D'Elia's set last week at the Laugh Factory and, surprisingly, let the comedian roast him.

Watch Justin Bieber Fall on His Ass

Happy weekend, everyone! 

Justin Bieber Dropped a Song with Chance The Rapper. Did You Lose Respect for Chance the Rapper Now?

2013 was Chance the Rapper's year.  The  21-year-old rapper was one of the year's biggest  breakout stars, blowing the world's collective minds with his Acid Rap mixtape. There's no

Justin Bieber Got an American Symbol of Freedom Tatted On His Canadian Body

Bro... I speak for the rest of America when I say this: Go back to Canada. 

Justin Bieber Threw a Gatsby Party Filled with Naked Chicks

Apparently Floyd Mayweather was there. Sources say there were three open bars and plenty of kush to go around." And the Biebs made it rain

Brazilian Model Who Had Sex with Justin Bieber Says He’s ‘Very Good In Bed’ and ‘Well-Endowed’

In life, most of us mere mortals who chose not to sign a dotted line with The Devil only get 15 minutes of fame. For Brazilian

Here’s the Only Video of Justin Bieber Sleeping After Sex That You Need to See

Well fucking done.

Turns Out that Girl in the Justin Bieber Video Is a Prostitute, Has Lots of Naked Pics on the ‘Net

And here you thought it was just an video of innocent swaggy Bro Justin Bieber sleeping... There's been a lot of Internet speculation over

So What’s the REAL Story About that Justin Bieber Hooker Video?

TMZ says they know the truth behind swaggy Bro Justin Bieber's alleged hooker video from Brazil. What do you think, guys? Real?

An Alleged Brazilian Prostitute Took a Video of Justin Bieber (Maybe?) Sleeping

Swaggy bro Justin Bieber seems to be enjoying his time in South America. Here's a video that just hit the Internet of Justin Bieber sleeping,

Hate Justin Bieber? If So, You’ll Love Watching Him Get Pelted By a Water Bottle

Gigantic douche, Justin Bieber,  was in Brazil Saturday night as a part of his Believe tour when some hero in the audience fired a water bottle at him