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22 Athletes Who Need to Stop Hanging Out With Justin Bieber

Because he sucks.

Justin Bieber Roller Skating All Sexual to Lady Gaga is a Thing That Happened

Try not to laugh.

Justin Bieber Will Only Face Misdemeanor Charges for Egging Incident

Crime of the century downgraded to much smaller crime.

Former NBA Player Jay Williams Hung Out With Justin Bieber, Subsequently Authored the Stupidest Tweet of All Time

How bad could it really be, you ask?

Justin Bieber, Johnny Manziel and Floyd Mayweather Partied Together

Just a couple of guys hanging out.

Selena Gomez May Get a Boob Job For Justin Bieber

And the world keeps turning.

Here Is Johnny Manziel Hanging Out with Justin Bieber’s Ex-Girlfriend


Is Justin Bieber Secretly Paying For the ABs For Chicks He Knocked Up?

AB = Abortion.

Justin Bieber Gets “Cleansed” Of Racism With Baptism

Seriously. Is anyone surprised anymore?

Here’s a 14-Year-Old Justin Bieber Singing “One Less Lonely N****r” And Joking About Joining the KKK


Just Justin Bieber Caught on Camera Telling a Really Racist Joke

It includes some slurs.

Justin Bieber and Adriana Lima Hooked Up

Life's fair.

Justin Bieber Arrested for Getting Drunk as Shit In Nashville

First Peyton Manning, now Justin Bieber. Yippee ki yay, Nash-vegas. O

Idiot Who Spent $100K to Look Like Justin Bieber Has a Music Video

That sweet sound.

Justin Bieber Is Being Investigated For Alleged Attempted Robbery at a Mini-Golf Course

Justin Bieber's stock is Blackberry status these days.

Everyone at the Clippers Game Booed Justin Bieber and It Was Awesome

Bieber, this message should be clear: It's time to go back to Canada.

Seth Rogen Threw Shade at Justin Bieber Again on ‘The Today Show,’ Remains a Hero

I will support your public crusade against Bieber by purchasing two tickets to see Neighbors at the box office this weekend.

Seth Rogen Told Howard Stern a Hilarious Story About How Much of a Douchebag Justin Bieber Is

Bro King Seth Rogen does not care what twatty tween star Justin Bieber thinks about him. Seth Rogen continues to be FREAKIN' awesome.

Floyd Mayweather and Justin Bieber Shared a Spa Day


Justin Bieber to Rob Ford: ‘Did You Bring Any Crack to Smoke?’

Justin with the zinger.

BREAKING: Justin Bieber Is Being Detained By U.S. Immigration

We can only hope it's permanent.

Justin Bieber’s Father Once Kung-Fu Kicked a Teenage Girl

Well, maybe Joffrey Bieber isn't that bad. Look who he grew up with!

Canadian Dad Confronts Justin Bieber at Walmart for Being a Prick

If only Justin Bieber had heeded the words of Thomas Wolfe: You can't go home again.

Justin Bieber Apparently Acted Like an ENORMOUS Douche When Arrested for DUI

You're not going to believe this, but Justin Bieber acted like an asshole when the police popped him for a DUI.

Watch Selena Gomez Dance All Sexual and Shit with Justin Bieber

Of course Justin Bieber isn't wearing a shirt. I thought Selena Gomez was in rehab for this shit?

LOL, Look at How Much Justin Bieber Sucks at Basketball

Justin Bieber vs. his manager, Scooter Braun, at a court at the University of Texas. Bieber gets crossed-up in the [...]

Justin Bieber’s ‘Hook ‘Em Horns’ Pic Will Send Texas Fans to an Early Grave

Nothing to say here.

Justin Bieber Crashes a Bar In Austin to Perform, University of Texas Girl Takes Best Selfie Ever

It must suck to have a drinking establishment shut it's bar down because underage twerp Justin Bieber decides he wants to perform there last-minute.

Justin Bieber Is the the Biggest Jerk Ever In a Video of His Deposition

If you can't stand Bieber, you won't be able to stand him even more after watching these...

Well… We’re All Gonna See Justin Bieber’s Penis

It's coming.

Watch Hard Ass MFer Justin Bieber Crush Push Ups While He Was Locked Up Last Month

“I’m street mother fucker,” is probably something Justin Bieber said while doing this. This video, obtained by—who else?—TMZ, after Bieber [...]

‘Loser Keeps Bieber’ Billboard Actually Exists For Today’s USA-Canada Hockey Showdown

No one wants the Biebs. He may live in the US right now, but he’s a man without a country [...]

Justin Bieber’s Wax Statue Removed from Museum Due to Excessive Groping

Justin Bieber just can’t catch a break. As if copious legal trouble and a crippling shirt allergy aren’t enough to [...]

Miami Police Have a Video of Justin Bieber Peeing In His Jail Cell

    Oh Bieber… Don’t you know that when you get arrested, the things you do in custody can and [...]

The Zapruder Film of Justin Bieber’s Egging Incident Has Been Made Public

Shot in 1963, at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, the Zapruder film might be one of the most seminal moments in [...]

Miami Police Release a Video of Justin Bieber Getting Booked In Jail and It’s GLORIOUS

  This is a catatheric moment for all the Justin Bieber haters. Miami police have released a video of them making [...]

Justin Bieber’s Personal Pilots Have to Wear Oxygen Masks to Avoid All the Pot Smoke on His Plane

Remember when ol’ Bieber’s plane got detained in New Jersey because it smelled suspiciously of marijuana? Well, it turns out [...]

A U.S. Senator Is Throwing His Weight Behind the Justin Bieber-Deportation Petition

Thank fucking God for Twitter, lest we never know that one of the leaders of America hates Justin Bieber, too. [...]

Justin Bieber Arrested in Canada for Assaulting Limo Driver

The week of Justin Bieber continues: Just hours after his attorney entered a not guilty plea for those drunk driving charges in Miami, Bieber was

The Petition to Deport Justin Bieber Has Reached 100,000 Signatures

One week after getting popped for drag racing and driving under the influence on the mean streets of Miami, Justin Bieber may soon face a