dance like no one s watching

A Bunch Of Hot Girls Want To Dance With This Man After He Was Body-Shamed On 4Chan

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"Dance like no one's watching" may be a cliche, but it's a really damn good cliche.

sweet justice

Douchebag MMA Fighter Gets Knocked Out In 20 Seconds After Acting Like A Tool At The Press Conference


If I were a betting man, I'd throw down $100 that the MMA fighter plastered head-to-toe with tattoos in this video is using all that ink to overcompensate for something.


Snotty Brat Tests The Patience Of Man, Gets Dealt With Like A Filthy Goat Herder


Where the heck is the parent as this video is taking place.


Florida Driver With Road Rage Gets What’s Coming to Him With Sweet, Sweet Instant Karma


Drivers in Florida have a reputation for being, well, complete jackasses.

wrongful imprisonment

13 victims of the justice system


In America, justice is not always served as these 13 examples tell the scary tales of cases where judges and juries just flat got it wrong.


Idiot Alert: Jerry Sandusky’s Lawyer Compares Trial to Episode of ‘All My Children’


Jerry Sandusky’s defense attorney continues to do his best Lionel Hutz impression.

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