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Meet the Most Incredible Acrobatic Jumper in the World

Ozell Williams is an athlete and tumbler who is able to do things that, frankly, we didn't know were possible. Watch him turn the grass

Bro Leaps 64 Inches to Shatter the Highest Standing Jump World Record

Well, this is impressive. YouTuber and BAMF American hero uberbania just demolishes the standing Guiness World Record for "Highest Standing Jump." In a single bound, he leaps

Guy Jumps From Terrifyingly High Tower onto Airbag; Somehow Retains Contents of Bladder

Wow, this guy has some brass balls. I think I was more scared watching the video than he was. I'll just go ahead

A Swedish Guy Managed to Jump Over a Lamborghini Gallardo Doing 50 M.P.H.

This is one of those videos that you watch the first time and you're like, "meh, so what? That was no big deal."