Victoria Justice

The 25 hottest ladies to walk the MTV VMA red carpet, plus the list of winners


The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards are in the books and luckily no one got shot or bitten by a snake.

who is Alex Pettyfer dating

Ranking the hot hookups of Alex Pettyfer


Alex Pettyfer is one of those young actors the girls swoon at these days, especially after getting all sappy in his latest film Endless Love, so this week we'll take a look at his alleged dating history to see if any famous babes have also fallen under his spell.


Which NHL Player Is Probably Slipping One Through Julianne Hough’s Five Hole?


While his NHL pals are on the verge of possibly winning a gold medal, Washington Capitals alternate captain Brooks Laich has been spotted taking romantic strolls with the gorgeous Julianne Hough.

who is Ryan Seacrest dating

Ranking the hot hookups of Ryan Seacrest


Not sure how we've gone this long and never taken a look at Ryan Seacrest's alleged dating history.

Orange is the New Black

Julianne Hough wore a blackface Halloween costume, then apologized, of course


Julianne Hough wore blackface to a Halloween costume party over the weekend and in doing so kept the rate at which someone will be offended by white people wearing blackface at 100%.

Russell Brand

‘Paradise’ trailer features Julianne Hough and Nick Offerman sans mustache


The trailer for Diablo Cody's Paradise features a mediocre looking Julianne Hough and a bald and terrifyingly mustacheless Nick Offerman.

Who is Taylor Swift dating

The 25 most eligible bachelorettes in Hollywood


Sexy and single, who are Hollywood's most eligible bachelorettes.

Julianne Hough video

Julianne Hough shows why we’re such big fans


Julianne Hough is in a new movie called Safe Haven.

Julianne Hough video

Julianne Hough can still shake it like few others


We used to feature Julianne Hough here all the time, then she quit DWTS, started "dating" Ryan Seacrest, and made that Footloose movie.

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Ranking the hot hookups of Kevin Connolly


We know that on Entourage the boys had pretty good luck with women on TV, but what about in real life.

Tom Cruise

Blazed Movie Reviews: ‘Rock of Ages’


I can't smoke pot at home anymore because my kids ask me why I look so tired.