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9 Truths About Spring Break That No One Wants to Hear

Spring Break is not always what it seems.

6 Most Underrated Sexy Things That Chicks Wear

(Editor's Note: With Summer approaching, chicks are going to be wearing less and less clothing and although this was originally published

Frat Dude Crushes the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

I've gone to the Carolina Cup and Santa Con and I consider those to be "drunk events" but nothing compares to the drunk that is

6 Tips for Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Father for the First Time

Meeting her parents is the relationship line of demarcation that separates “some girl I’m boning” from “Jessica, the girl I bone.” Introducing a girl to

7 New Year’s Resolutions for Bros

Every January 1st we get a chance for renewal. Like a sorority chick waking up in a frat bedroom smelling like a gym sock that’s

The 6 Gifts Dudes Don’t Want for the Holidays

If you’re dating a “Bro” your life is pretty awesome. You have a nonstop supply of big hoodies to choose from, a great pair of

10 Things Bros Need to Stop Doing in 2013

Listen man, I KNOW: there is NO ONE more authentically "Bro" than you are. Nothing could be more obvious. You're on this site aren't you?

The 9 Biggest Heroes and Zeroes of Hurricane Sandy

I live in NYC. I think I lost power around 8:30 pm on Monday night but who knows, the loss of my iPhone has made

The Halloween Schedule For Every Bro

There are two Halloweens. There’s Wednesday, October 31st which is celebrated by children, nerds who are way into Halloween, pedofiles, wickens, and anybody who was

NFLSHOP.com Commercial Spoof of Arian Foster

Arian Foster doesn't speak so good...

The 7 Most Dated Movies from the 90s

I'm getting old. I can feel it in my bones. Sometimes I'll wake up in the middle of the night, sip a warm milk and

The 12 People Who Shouldn’t Post Their Political Opinion On Facebook

I’ve been on Facebook since the spring of my sophomore year of college. Here’s how I was convinced to join:

NFLShop.com Commercial Spoof With Stephen Jackson

The NFL has been running commercials featuring NFL stars talking to regular Dudes. This one with Steven Jackson talking to a guy named "J-Bone" must

Why More People Need to Be Like a Drunk Paris Hilton

Recently, Anna Kendrick (Queen of the nerd boners aka, the hot chick in Twilight - and if you’re thinking of Kristen Stewart you better come

Frat Dude Goes to Red Bull Flugtag, Things Get Weird

Of all the events that BroBible has sent me to (Hot Dog Eating Contests, AVN Awards, Horse Races), the Red Bull Flugtag has to be

Chase Your Dreams! On Second Thought, Maybe Not

Let me first apologize for asking this question, but here it goes: Have you seen "Downton Abbey"? There’s a good chance you’re not asked that

7 Ways Chicks Are CRAZY

There are a few certainties in this world. You will die. You will fall in love. You’ll have one of those “gay” dreams. Death. Taxes.

Why Being a Dick is Necessary

On this past episode of “This American Life,” ultimate Bro Ira Glass affectionately eulogized his friend, recently deceased writer David Rakoff, like so: “He was

College Freshman, Everyone Hates You

Know that everyone hates you. Know that you’re going to need to get rid of that lanyard. Put your student ID in your velcro wallet

Introducing BroBible’s New Podcast: Dudes Being Dudes With J-Train - Episode #1: Paul Rabil

I'm very excited to have partnered with BroBible to create their very first podcast. In "Dudes Being Dudes," I'll be interviewing interviewing Bros who have

What the REAL Bro Wikipedia Page Should Look Like

BRO From Bropedia, the free Bropedia The Bro, also known as Sir Bro, Brosef Stalin, Brochacho, HasBro, Little Bro Peep, Josh Brolin, BroMageddon, Brobert Brojols, The Baddest

The Blog Comment Is Ruining America

A couple weeks ago, a young woman named Taylor Cotter wrote a pretty benign blog post on the Huffington Post entitled “A Struggle of Not

Dear Penn State Students and Alumni: Be Different and Shut Up

Have you ever reacted too quickly to something? Made a bad call, a poor judgment on limited info? Maybe you believed that girl when she

Frat Dude Crushes Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

BroBible has sent me to Santa Themed Bar Crawls, Porno Awards, and Horse Races. A couple of weeks ago they sent me to an American

Introducing the Jeal-O-Meter: A Scale of How Much I Want To Be Another Dude

I know we are all “Bros” and admitting that we are “jealous” of someone else is a bit like turning to the guy next to

Happiness Isn’t Just a Tumblr Account Away

You know, if you want to get to the top of Mt. Everest, you’re going to need a Sherpa. I just learned this; I didn’t

Everyone on Twitter Is a D*ck

"Follow me on Twitter, I’ll follow you. Also, have you been reading my blog?" That’s a real text that I’ve received in the past week.

Frat Dude at the AVNs: The Adult Film Star Interviews

During the last few weeks, I've given you guys a taste of the AVN Awards. Sometimes that taste has been whip-cream-flavored-vodka sweet and sometimes it's

A Photo Journal from the AVN Awards

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” —President Abraham Lincoln “I want to be able to