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You’re a Dumbass If You Think a ‘JP Morgan CEO’ Actually Wrote This ‘Letter to a Gold Digging Girl’

This chain e-mail is older than Gordon Gekko's syphilitic mistress, yet people won't stop e-mailing it to us today because they just discovered the Internet or something.  Hey

When Writing Cover Letter, Don’t Forget To Mention How Much You Bench

Creating an effective cover letter is a touch-and-feel kind of thing. You don't want to sell yourself short and you don't want to slap yourself

Crazed Wall Street Bro in Hot Water After Stalking and Harassing Sexy Ex-Lover

Despite the discoloration on her lateral inciser, Daniela Rausnitz, 25, still looks like a doable piece of ass. So doable, in fact, that her ex-lover,