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Jose Canseco Responds To A-Rod Suspension In the Most Jose Canseco Way Possible

Jose Canseco, the man responsible for bringing steroids to every baseball lockerroom ever (let’s pretend he’s the main culprit), decided to console his fallen comrade

Jose Canseco Sends Threatening Message to His ‘Haters’ While Wearing a Ridiculous Halloween Costume

At first glance, without even knowing exactly what he is trying to be (other than a balding insane clown murderer), he kind of looks like Pete Rose,

Jose Canseco is an Artist Now

Jose Canseco is a true renaissance man.

Jose Canseco Listed 10 Utterly Insane New Year’s Resolutions on Twitter Last Night

Jose Canseco's life has taken a strange turn since the publication of his tell-all "Juiced," a book that got him blackballed from baseball, despite of,

‘Steroid Beer’ is a Real Thing, Contains 8 Substances Banned by the IOC

The hops homies at Brew Dog have created a beer called "Never Mind the Anabolics." Essentially, it is steroids and alcohol.  

Here are Jose Canseco’s Old Milwaukee Ads That Aired in Kansas City During the Homerun Derby

Jose Canseco is slowly becoming a poor man's Mike Tyson; a pariah trying to transform into a lovable parody of his former self. Well, he's

Bro of the Week Pits the Dead Against the Living

Each week, Bros go above and beyond the call of duty. For that, they receive Bro of the Week consideration. We’re putting the power in

Jose Canseco Uses Twitter to Creep On the Ladies

Jose Canseco's crazy Twitter habit is no secret. In fact, we've done a pretty good job documenting how batsh*t crazy he is in 140 characters

Jose Canseco’s Twitter Rant About Global Warming and the ‘Titanic’ Is Classic Jose Canseco

On the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, Jose Canseco gifts the world with yet another classic Twitter rant on how global warming

Jose Canseco is Going to Fight the White House Crasher Tareq Salahi

Salahi apparently wants to fight Canseco because he thinks Jose slept with his sl*t ex-wife (the two took a picture together like half-a-decade

Jose Canseco’s Latest Twitter Rant is Gold; Quotes ‘Hall and Oates’

Jose Canseco's eerily-Kenny Powers-esque tragicomedy rolls on, this time with Tweets about a little filly that broke his heart. My favorite part of the public

Jose Canseco’s 30 Most Desperate and Depressing Tweets

Of all the sad, lonley, broke, and roid-ed out retired baseball players on Twitter, Jose Canseco's verified account is easily our favorite. Earlier this week