Words Cannot Describe How Mind-Blowing This Jordan Carver Bikini Picture Is


German Model Jordan Carver has left us speechless before, many times on video, but how does one even begin to describe all the amazing things going on in this picture of her in a bikini in a pool below.

jordan carver

You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Watched A Jordan Carver Workout Video


For those unfamiliar with German model Jordan Carver, first off let me say I'm sorry, because I like to refer to her as The Eighth Wonder of the World.


Jordan Carver wearing the best bikini top in the history of bikini tops


Of course it may not actually be the bikini top that's so mind-boggling but rather the woman wearing it.

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Katy Perry in a bikini and George W. Bush lead today’s Ice Bucket roundup (16 videos)


Just when we were about through with these Ice Bucket Challenge videos comes Katy Perry in a bikini and we're sucked right back in.

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You REALLY need to watch Jordan Carver’s special treadmill workout video


That's right, eighth wonder of the world Jordan Carver is back with another workout video.

sexiest videos of 2014

You’re going to want to watch this video of Jordan Carver doing 200 squats


I wondered what Jordan Carver could possibly do to follow up perhaps the most amazing video I've ever seen and now we have her answer: a video of her doing 200 squats.

Jordan Carver

Jordan Carver and Her Ample Breasts Won the Month of July on Instagram


About 15-minutes ago I said to myself, "I wonder what Jordan Carver is up to these days.

World Cup 2014

Jordan Carver’s epic breasts are rooting for both the USA and Germany today


Internet legend Jordan Carver tells in this crazy hot video that since she's from Germany, but lives in the United States she's rooting for both teams.

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The 30 Sexiest Twitter Accounts To Follow in 2013


The Twitosphere isn’t going anywhere so we might as well get use to it.

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