Jonathan Quick

Here’s Jonathan Quick punching someone in the penis


Jonathan Quick doesn't strike me as a guy who punches dudes in the junk.

nhl hockey

Kings’ Goalie Jonathan Quick Came Through with the Save of the NHL Season


Last night in a 4-2 victory over the Winnipeg Jets, the Kings' Jonathan Quick pulled off an insane save.

scorpion save

Jonathan Quick makes outrageous save of the year candidate from his stomach


Los Angeles Kings goalie Jonathan Quick didn't need a glove or a stick to make this ridiculous save.


Jonathan Quick Allows One of the Worst Goals in Hockey History


Jonathan Quick may be the best goalie in the world but even he is not immune to the occasional play that makes a person want to sit in a dark room and rock in the fetal position.

Taylor Stevens

Kings win Stanley Cup: 8 awesome screencaps and GIFs from the celebration


The Kings won Game 6 in convincing fashion for the franchise's first ever Stanley Cup.