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Jonah Hill And Spike Jonze Performed Drake’s ‘Marvin’s Room’

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Vice magazine held a 20th anniversary party in Brooklyn on Friday.

Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill Lost a Bet to Channing Tatum, Refuses to Pay the X-Rated Debt


Never accept a bet whereby if you lose you have to kiss a dick tip and if you win all you get is not having to kiss a dick tip.

Stephen Colbert

Jonah Hill forced to apologize by Stephen Colbert for his ‘real’ error in judgement


Jonah Hill has been making the rounds promoting 22 Jump Street and offering apology after apology for his use of a gay slur, but last night Stephen Colbert wanted him to apologize for something far worse.

Jonah Hill Tonight Show

Jonah Hill addressed his homophobic remarks on ‘The Tonight Show’


Last night Jonah Hill appeared on The Tonight Show and addressed his controversial homophobic remarks caught on video.

The Tonight Show

Jonah Hill Delivered Emotional Apology For His Controversial Remarks on ‘The Tonight Show’


When celebrities fuck up publicly and say or tweet something stupid or offensive, the Image Repair Parade usually comes to town and they wind up half-heartedly apologizing for what they've done.

Jonah Hill TMZ

Jonah Hill dropped a homophobic F-bomb on a photographer


Jonah Hill is in serious hot water today after lashing out at a photographer over the weekend, dropping a homophobic slur on him in the process.

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New trailer for ’22 Jump Street’ is a deeper look inside our favorite bro-mantic duo


This new trailer for '22 Jump Street' (in theaters on 6/13/14) is the glorious reunion of our favorite bro-mantic duo.

Jonah Hill

Channing Tatum won a penis-kissing bet with Jonah Hill, is a functioning alcoholic


Channing Tatum, who made big news last week when it was announced he would be playing Gambit in an upcoming Marvel movie, revealed that he won a bet with Jonah Hill in which Jonah has to kiss the tip of his penis.

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