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Why Do Some Bars On ‘Bar Rescue’ Still Fail After Being Rescued? — A Talk With Jon Taffer

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"You’re talking to a guy who buys and sells restaurants and bars with no connection to them," Jon Taffer tells me over the phone.

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SHUT IT DOWN: ANOTHER ‘Bar Rescue’ Bar Closed Down Forever This Past Weekend

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Last week I posted about how Jon Taffer's so-called "Most expensive Bar Rescue ever" was a massive failure.

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The ‘Most Expensive’ Episode In ‘Bar Rescue’ History Is A MASSIVE Failure


We will always be big Jon Taffer fans here at BroBible, but apparently not the superhuman bar-saving demi-god that he acts like sometimes on his show, Bar Rescue.


Guyism’s Bar Rescue drinking game V 2.0


This Sunday, a new season of Bar Rescue airs on Spike TV.


8 Highlights from Jon Taffer’s Hilarious Reddit AMA


Our boy Jon Taffer—the man responsible for the greatest reality show on TV—went on Reddit and the results were Taffer-esque.

The Guyism Podcast

The Guyism Podcast – Roofies, Bar Rescue update, and nudity in NYC


Chris Spags (@chrisspags) and Ryan Jones (@kryanjones) discuss Ryan's history with roofies, some attention from the folks at Bar Rescue, and a lot about female nudity in NYC.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Bar Rescue,’ by Show Host Jon Taffer

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It's no secret: We think Bar Rescue is the perfect reality show.

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5 Reasons Why ‘Bar Rescue’ Is the Perfect Reality Show


One of the best shows on TV doesn’t look like it should be one of the best shows on TV.

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