‘Merry Christmas Exclamation Point’ Is Jon Lajoie’s New Song About Ridiculous Holiday Texting


I hate when people I don't keep in touch with text me on the holidays (proof below).

why does everyone hate miley cyrus

Jon Lajoie song ‘Miley, You’re a Good Girl’ is a poignant assessment of pop


Jon Lajoie is rarely the voice of reason, but his brand new song "Miley, You're a Good Girl" might be the smartest thing ever written about the Miley Cyrus VMA debacle.


Jon Lajoie’s new song is so Jon Lajoie


Jon Lajoie -- perhaps better known as Taco on The League -- was once a baby.

Nick Kroll

Jerry Jones Negotiates with Taco on ‘The League,’ and It Is Predictably Absurd


Great sneak-peak from FX's Fantasy Football adventure, 'The League.

no one survives

Kayden Kross and Jon Lajoie Star in Video for Nekrogoblikon’s ‘No One Survives’


The heavy metal group Nekrogoblikon got a couple of big names that we're very familiar with to star in their new video: Kayden Kross and Jon Lajoie.

prank war

Check Out Jon Lajoie’s New Video ‘Prank War’


The man also known as Taco came out with a new video today that breaks down what can only be described as the world's most ballsy prank war.

jon lajoie broken hearted

Jon Lajoie’s New Video Is a Funny Ode to Breaking Up in the Digital Age


I won't spoil where this is going, but comedian Jon Lajoie hits another home run here with his new song, "Broken-Hearted.

jon lajoie commercial

Watch Jon Lajoie’s ‘Completely Honest’ Commercial


Comedian and YouTube star Jon Lajoie (who created that mock dating website commercial a few months ago) has delivered a brutally honest ad that says what everyone—or at least really terrible people—are thinking.

Online dating

Jon Lajoie’s Hilarious Mock Dating Service Commercial


Jon Lajoie's dating service commercial is the best dating service commercial in the history of dating service commercials.

wtf collective

Jon Lajoie Releases ‘WTF Collective 3’


As you might imagine, the video for Jon Lajoie's "WTF Collective 3" has a long list of random characters, like MC Invisible, MC Who Couldn't Speak in the Present Tense, MC On the Phone With Ted Danson, and many more.


Jon Lajoie’s Latest Music Video Masterpiece, ‘F**k Everything’


As if the title didn't already imply it, NSFW language.

punched in

VIDEO: Episode 2 of Jon Lajoie’s Animated Short “Punched In”


Jon Lajoie recently came out with his own animated series called Punched In.

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