‘Merry Christmas Exclamation Point’ Is Jon Lajoie’s New Song About Ridiculous Holiday Texting


I hate when people I don't keep in touch with text me on the holidays (proof below).

why does everyone hate miley cyrus

Jon Lajoie song ‘Miley, You’re a Good Girl’ is a poignant assessment of pop


Jon Lajoie is rarely the voice of reason, but his brand new song "Miley, You're a Good Girl" might be the smartest thing ever written about the Miley Cyrus VMA debacle.


Jon Lajoie’s new song is so Jon Lajoie


Jon Lajoie -- perhaps better known as Taco on The League -- was once a baby.

Nick Kroll

Jerry Jones Negotiates with Taco on ‘The League,’ and It Is Predictably Absurd


Great sneak-peak from FX's Fantasy Football adventure, 'The League.

no one survives

Kayden Kross and Jon Lajoie Star in Video for Nekrogoblikon’s ‘No One Survives’


The heavy metal group Nekrogoblikon got a couple of big names that we're very familiar with to star in their new video: Kayden Kross and Jon Lajoie.

prank war

Check Out Jon Lajoie’s New Video ‘Prank War’


The man also known as Taco came out with a new video today that breaks down what can only be described as the world's most ballsy prank war.

jon lajoie broken hearted

Jon Lajoie’s New Video Is a Funny Ode to Breaking Up in the Digital Age


I won't spoil where this is going, but comedian Jon Lajoie hits another home run here with his new song, "Broken-Hearted.

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