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Watch 25-Year-Old Jon Hamm Get Denied a Date on a ’90s Dating Show

Bros.... Check out Jon Hamm's flow back in the day. That mop of lettuce just screams D-3 laxer.

Here’s the First Trailer for ‘Million Dollar Arm,’ Which Should be Called ‘Jon Hamm, Sports Agent’

After watching this trailer, it's pretty clear baseball enthusiast Jon Hamm just wanted to be in a baseball movie. Perhaps Don Draper's take-what-you-want-the-impact-on-others-be-damned philosophy is

Jon Hamm’s Opening Monologue at the ESPYS Last Night Wasn’t Kind to Dwight Howard, Ryan Lochte

In case you've been living in a coma for the last few days, the ESPYS were last night. And this past Monday and Tuesday, Clear

Jon Hamm Joined Bill Simmons For the B.S. Report While Wearing a Neat Hat

Jon Hamm will host tonight’s ESPY Awards. That alone is reason to watch. The man behind Donald Draper sat down with Bill Simmons to talk

Larry David Brings Out the Big Guns with an HBO Movie That’s Starring Half of Hollywood

Larry David, creator of "Seinfeld" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm," has penned an HBO original movie that features quite the cast. "Clear History"  will star David,

Jon Stewart’s Interview With Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell Was Interrupted by Jon Hamm

There's a fair chance that most of you won't spend another eight minute block of this Friday, July 27th, a better way. And for those

Ask a Grown Man: Jon Hamm Gives Advice on ‘Doing Stuff’ with Boys and Girls Farting

Just a video Jon Hamm filmmed for Rookie's "Ask A Grown Man" series in which he doles out advice on sex, girls farting in front

See Your Favorite Hollywood Actors’ Less Than Memorable Debuts

Even the most prestigious actors started their cinematic careers in some crummy movie.

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis Spar, Share Strawberries ‘Between Two Ferns’

The latest “Between Two Ferns” is up on Funny or Die and, per usual, features Zach Galifianakis doing his best to clown on celebrities. Will

Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon Star as Ace and Gary in ‘Ambiguously Gay Duo’ Live-Action Short

On last night's episode of "SNL," the animated short "The Ambiguously Gay Duo" made a sudden reappearance, except midway through — as a result of

‘Back to the Future’ Audition Impressions Highlight This Week’s ‘Saturday Night Live’

Another half-decent episode of "Saturday Night Live" this week (can someone tell Kristen Wiig to stop playing the same annoying character in every skit?), but

Our Bro of the Week Swings the Gavel

So I have come to realize that in the dead of the summer, when the only sport that we have to watch is baseball (and