The Police Interview Transcript From Jon Hamm’s Hazing Incident At UT Austin Is Beyond Disturbing


Last week we told you about how Jon Hamm reportedly hazed the SHIT out of pledges while he was a Sigma Nu at the University of Texas at Austin, and while I can understand hazing to a degree…this is disturbing.

Mad Men

Jon Hamm Reportedly Hazed The SHIT Outta Pledges While In College At The University Of Texas At Austin


I spent the last 3 weeks binging on Mad Men, and after seeing Jon Ham waltz around as the suave Donald Draper this news doesn’t surprise me whatsoever.

movie trailers

Here’s the First Trailer for ‘Million Dollar Arm,’ Which Should be Called ‘Jon Hamm, Sports Agent’


After watching this trailer, it's pretty clear baseball enthusiast Jon Hamm just wanted to be in a baseball movie.

ryan lochte dumb

Jon Hamm’s Opening Monologue at the ESPYS Last Night Wasn’t Kind to Dwight Howard, Ryan Lochte


In case you've been living in a coma for the last few days, the ESPYS were last night.

What to watch tonight

What to watch tonight: Jon Hamm hosts the ESPYs


The 2013 ESPYs is on tonight and I guess you should watch, if only because Jon Hamm is hosting.

Vincent Kartheiser

‘Mad Men’ season 6 episode 13 recap: Change Has Come


It's been a weird season, but things are looking really amazing for Mad Men moving forward.

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