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This Guy is Now on Twitter


What Would Happen If We Showed You Outtakes From When Jon Gruden Went On ‘Gruden’s QB Camp’


What Would Happen If Jon Gruden Went On ‘Gruden’s QB Camp’

It's like looking in a mirror, if you were Jon Gruden, and the mirror was Frank Caliendo.

Sorry Texans, Vikings, Redskins, Falcons Fans; Jon Gruden Won’t Be Coaching Your Team Next Year

If you are a fan of a team about to can its coach, his replacement won't be Jon Gruden. 

Instead of Watching the Sucky, Boring National Championship, Jon Gruden Went to WWE RAW

Instead of staying home and watching the Alabma cream Notre Dame in a snooze-a-palooza BCS National Championship Game, Jon Gruden went to WWE RAW on Monday

Jon Gruden Dissects Game Tape from ‘Little Giants’

If you didn't like love the "Little Giants," my condolences go out to you for having a crappy childhood. Solid Verbal had the genius idea