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Husband Awesomely Animates a Bad Joke His Wife Told When She Was Drunk

I guess this video is a year old, but it made me chuckle.

Miley Cyrus Went to a Gay Nightclub and Told Everyone to Roofie and Rape Each Other

Not the best idea she's ever had (also, somehow, not the worst).

Charles Barkley Worked a Kellen Winslow Masturbation Joke Into Last Night’s ‘Inside the NBA’

Is there a better player-turned-commentator in all of sports than Sir Charles? This on-air joke about Kellen Winslow getting caught jerking off in the parking lot

6 Filthy Jokes You Won’t Believe Are from the Bible

Did you know that the term "dick measuring contest" basically comes from the Old Testament? I had no idea! 

Are You Smart Enough To Get These Nerdy Jokes?

Did you hear about the band called "1023 Megabites"? Of course you haven't... NERD ALERT. Test your skillz:

5 Cliché Jokes I’m Tired of Hearing

I’m a young(-ish) comic, so I’m constantly checking out open mics and new talent nights in order to sharpen my set.

The Magical Changing Money Prank Shockingly Fooled Fast Food Workers

You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to outsmart workers in the fast food industry. They’re the cream of the crop, known

8 Cutting-Edge Fashions That Are Clearly Just Practical Jokes

Do you ever look at a person, see what they're wearing, and conclude they must be joking? Maybe they are.

Houston Hotel Runs Very Special Manti Te’o Imaginary Friend Promotion

I’ve got to imagine that if your job is to change the sign outside of a Houston Quality Inn, you dream of something more. Like,

53 Terrible Jokes In Four Minutes

Hank Green of the VlogBrothers and EcoGeek created a video of the 53 lamest jokes you've ever heard, as suggested to him on Twitter. In his

Fake Apple Employee Pranks iPhone 5 Fanatics By Botching Delivery

If you camp out for days to get the newest technology, you deserve to get pranked, trolled, whatever.

Animated Louis CK Jokes Are a Whole Lotta Awesome

How can you make a comedian on top of his game that much better? Observe, and be amazed.