Ha Ha: This Joke About Plastic Bags Is Pretty Great


I found this on Reddit and thought it would make for compelling BroBible content.

tv shows

‘The Simpson’s’ – ‘Family Guy’ Crossover Will Air This Rape Joke Sunday, People Are Not Happy About It


FOX In this day and age there is a heightened sensitivity to offensive comedy, especially those jokes that revolve around sexual assault.

9 11

Watch ‘Portlandia’ Cleverly Make A 9/11 Joke Without Being Totally Offensive


As a humor writer, sometimes stand-up and consumer of all things funny, I'm constantly reading articles and books about when to make jokes, which topics are considered off limits in comedy and when it's "too soon" to poke fun of tragic events.

trolling is an art

Trolling Is An Art, This Bro Is An Artist


Not everyone is capable of trolling at the highest levels.


Husband Awesomely Animates a Bad Joke His Wife Told When She Was Drunk


I guess this video is a year old, but it made me chuckle.

standup shots

Stand-up Shots: Comedians at a glimpse (Vol. 2)


About 15 months ago I put together this collection of 'Stand-Up Shots,' a collection of photos posted by aspiring stand-up comedians in which they superimpose a joke of theirs on top of a photo.

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