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Here’s Johnny Manziel’s Girlfriend Shotgunning the Shit Out of a Beer

How can you not love a chick who knows how to turnt up like this?

Guess Who Has the #1 Best-Selling NFL Jersey Right Now?

The hype for Johnny Manziel in Cleveland is so insane.

Holy Crap! Johnny Manziel Allegedly Had a VERY SERIOUS Case of the Munchies

Let's check in on what Johnny Manziel was up to this weekend.

How Much Poontang Will Johnny Manziel Get from His First Nissan Dealership Commercial?

We all know that Johnny Manziel is getting all of the poontang in Northeastern Ohio these days without ever having to put a Browns jersey

That Girl Spotted Next to Johnny Manziel Last Night Has a Sizzling Hot Instagram Account

Her name is Colleen Crowley, she is a student at TCU, and if she keeps playing her cards right, she might spend her winters in

Just Johnny Manziel Hanging Out with a Bunch of Hot Girls at Fenway Park

CLASSIC Johnny Manziel, just chillin' at Fenway for the Red Sox-White Sox game with a ton of hot biddies by his side. Does the dude

Johnny Manziel Kicked Out of Nike’s Football Camp Because the Security Guards Didn’t Recognize Him

Just a friendly reminder that not everyone in the world is as obsessed with Johnny Manziel as you think.

Retired NFL Player Ben Leber Wants Every Rookie to Read J.J. Watt’s Explanation As to Why He Has No Social Life

J.J. Watt works hard, you guys.

Justin Bieber, Johnny Manziel and Floyd Mayweather Partied Together

Just a couple of guys hanging out.

Here’s Another Pic of Johnny Manziel Hanging Out Justin Bieber’s Ex-Girlfriend

As we told you last night, Johnny Manziel was in Houston this weekend.

Here Is Johnny Manziel Hanging Out with Justin Bieber’s Ex-Girlfriend


Here’s Brady Quinn Whining About How Johnny Manziel Shouldn’t Be Talking to Stacks of Cash on Video

Quit projecting, Brady.

Johnny Manziel Has a Hot, New Lady Friend You Need to Check Out

Her name is Colleen Crowley and she is HOTTTT! Johnny Football does it again!

Johnny Manziel Can’t Hear Because He Has ‘Too Much Money in His Fucking Hand’


The Cleveland Browns Turned Down ‘Hard Knocks,’ Which Would Have Been Awesome with Johnny Manziel

The raging dumpster fire that is the Cleveland Browns organization just passed on the opportunity of a lifetime: To let cameras into their training camp

Check Out the Hot Girl Johnny Manziel Was All Over at Austin Pool Party

Johnny bein' Johnny

Here’s Johnny Manziel Riding an Inflatable Swan and Chugging Champagne

Johnny Manziel was at an X Games party in Austin this weekend and, well, Johnny Manziel did Johnny Manziel things.

The Fake Johnny Manziel Lawsuit Has Been Dismissed


Johnny Manziel Went to the Club with Drake, But Left With a Bunch of Hot Chicks

Fuck everything.

The 20 Hottest Women Ever Photographed with Johnny Manziel

Johnny Football, you legend you.

After Epic Las Vegas Weekend, Johnny Manziel Flew Home in a Middle Seat in Coach

He is one of us.

Just Johnny Manziel Hanging Out with Pauly D of ‘Jersey Shore’ in Las Vegas, Throws Shade a Football Purist Haters

Spotted in Vegas this weekend during Johnny Manziel's path of party destruction: Johnny Manziel hanging with Pauly D.

Is This Johnny Manziel Drinking a 40 at a Las Vegas Pool Party?

Like most of the celebrity world, Johnny Manziel is in Vegas this MDW, partying with his NFL player peers, including Gronk.

Hot CNN Hostess Samantha Schacher Says the Johnny Manziel Penis Lawsuit Is a Hoax

TMZ Sports caught up with Samantha Schacher, the CNN hostess who allegedly filed a bizarre lawsuit against Johnny Manziel for sexual harassment.

Insane Lawsuit Alleges Johnny Manziel Sent Photos of His Penis On a Hot Dog Bun, Plenty of Other Stuff

Crazy story, folks.

No One On ‘Jeopardy’ Knows Where Johnny Manziel Went to College


Rate This ‘Johnny Cleveland’ Rap Song About Johnny Manziel

Johnny Clevelend is the only thing that could make that city any less shitty (Sorry Drew Carrey and the Rock'N Roll Hall of Fame.... You

Johnny Manziel’s Text Message to Cleveland Browns: “Hurry Up and Draft Me”

Classic Millenial behavior.

Johnny Manziel Talks Trash with NFL Quarterbacks on Facebook, Draft Edition

One of our favorite things during football season -- Profootballmock.com's hilarious NFL quarterbacks talking trash on Facebook -- is back for a new 2014 post-Draft

Shoe Designer Releases Nike Concept Cleats for Johnny Manziel, They’re Hot

Now that Johnny Manziel has his team he needs a set of cleats so when he takes the field for the Cleveland Browns, or backs

14 Reasons Johnny Manziel Is the New Tim Tebow

Bro hasn't even practiced with an NFL team yet and we're already calling him the new Tebow. Welcome to the media microscope, Johnny Manziel!

LOL: The Browns Tell Johnny Manziel He’s Going to Be a Backup Quarterback

Getting a very strong Matt Leinart vibe from the latest report out of Cleveland, where Browns owner Jimmy Haslam just told Manziel he's probably

Bill Belichick Discusses Leaked Johnny Manziel Scouting Report

Last night, Bill Belichick addressed the Johnny Manziel scouting report that we leaked online.

Here is Lebron James In a Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns Jersey

Well that certainly didn't take long.

We’ve Obtained Johnny Manziel’s Scouting Report From the New England Patriots

Johnny Manziel's scouting report from the New England Patriots might explain why the star quarterback's stock dropped in the NFL draft.

Here’s Drake Partying with Johnny Manziel Last Night in New York

If the DJ didn't play "Draft Day" as soon as they rolled in, he should be fired.

No, Twitter, Johnny Manziel Was Not Drinking a Beer at the NFL Draft

Well. We feel stupid. Twitter went wild with a picture of Johnny Manziel drinking a beer at the NFL Draft.

Nike’s Draft Day Ad For Johnny Manziel Pretty Much Says, ‘Yeah, He Could Be a Bust’

Are we wrong in concluding that that is the message here?

SportsCenter Just Aired an Autotuned Song About Johnny Manziel’s Career, and It’s the Worst Thing Ever

Yesterday was a huge sports day.

Here Is Johnny Manziel Catching a Pass on a Jetski

Johnny Manziel's pre-Draft Instagram awesomeness marches on. Is there anything Johnny Football can't do?