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Who Is This Hot, Hot Girl Johnny Manziel Went to a Texas Rangers Game With? (UPDATED)

Johnny's back! Last night Johnny Manziel took in a Rangers game, sitting behind the plate with a beautiful new brunette lady friend.

Johnny Manziel Reportedly Scored the Highest Wonderlic Score Of All NFL Draft-Bound QBs


20 Things You Never Knew About Johnny Manziel


Drake Drops a ‘Draft Day’ Freestyle About Johnny Manziel And It’s Fire

It's okay to be jealous of the Drake and Johnny Manziel bromance.

Johnny Manziel Is Still Crushing Life

Classic Johnny Football: Posing with former Leaders of the Free World on one day, CRUSHING a practice in pads for NFL recruits the next day.

Johnny Manziel Can Dunk

Mr. Basketball.

LeBron James and Johnny Manziel Star in McDonald’s Commercial For a New Sandwich You Aren’t Good Enough to Eat

It's for Heisman trophy and NBA Finals MVPs only.

Johnny Football—Excuse Us, Mr. Football—Signs Lucrative Multi-Year Deal with Nike

Johnny Football™.

This Kid Thinks He’s a Johnny Manziel Look-a-Like, We Think He’s Full of Shit

Hobart College's Dom Facciponte -- a member of the Class of 2016 -- tweeted us this morning asking us for an "RT for

Johnny Manziel Has a New Nickname

A sign of respect.

Ron Jaworski Said WHAT About Johnny Manziel?

Ron Jaworski didn't just say the Houston Texans should pass on Johnny Manziel with the Draft's first pick.

What Would Happen if Jadeveon Clowney Raced Johnny Manziel?

We'd all win.

Texas A&M’s Tribute to Johnny Football Is Pretty Great

Of course the music for Johnny Football's tribute video is "Trophies" by his OVO buddy Drake. Of course. And it's fitting: The highlight reel is sick,

8 Amazing Instagram Pics from Johnny Manziel’s Last Night Partying In College Station

BroBible hero Johnny Manziel intends to head to the NFL. Before he starts sobering up for the combine, Johnny Football hit the town one last night

Johnny Manziel Wrote a Personal Thank You Message to Texas A&M Fans

Johnny Football's regime in College Station has come to an end. It's been a real couple years, though, hasn't it? There was that time

Johnny Manziel Files Paperwork to Appear on Texas A&M Campus Even Less

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, who seemingly outgrew college 18 months ago, has officially filed paperwork to enter this spring's NFL draft.

Oh, Hey Here’s a Picture of Johnny Manziel and Sam Ponder at the BCS National Championship

Damnit, Manziel... She's married. Shout out to Busted Coverage for the find. 

Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel Fist-Bumped

Look, I don't care what you say ... these two fellas bumping fists gets its own post. One of these two must cuddle with SO


Johnny Manziel and Tim Tebow Cave to Internet’s Demands, Appear in Picture Together

The final BCS Championship game is off to a hot start with Auburn and Florida State trading early blows. The crowd is frenzied and Brent

Johnny Manziel’s Big-Breasted Party Chick Sells Marijuana In California, Has Very HOT Instagram

Can Johnny Manziel possibly be more of a a boss? Last night he was pictured leaving a Hollywood club with two hotties at his side. Bro

Johnny Manziel Goes Home with TWO Hot Chicks After Partying In Hollywood

Classic Johnny Football. TMZ caught him leaving a club with two ladies at tow. What a legend.

This Pic of Johnny Manziel and Drake Hanging Out on New Year’s Day Might Break the Internet

Johnny Manziel was proving that ice water runs through his veins on New Year's Eve with A&M's impressive comeback over Duke. Since he didn't get

The Kid Who Johnny Manziel Photobombed at Disney World Took a Selfie with AJ McCarron

This little guy is on quite the hot streak at Disney World. After being photobombed by Johnny Football, he ran into AJ McCarron. Since it's 2013,

Johnny Manziel Photobombed Some Kid’s Selfie At Disney World

Johnny Football is in Florida this week to watch Jameis Winston take home all the awards he's eligible to win at the Home Depot College Football Awards. While there,

Check Out the Monster Buck Johnny Manziel Shot During His Bye-Week

After a week off, tomorrow the Aggies play fellow SEC-newcomers Missouri in Columbia. So how did Johnny Manziel spend his weekend off? Just as any good ole

Guess Who Johnny Manziel Says He Wants to Party With?

In true Johnny Football fashion, it's basically a Mt. Rushmore of Bros who like to party. In fact, if these three dudes aren't on your

Drake Went On SportsCenter to Talk About Being a Miami Heat Fan and Besties with Johnny Manziel

To hype his new album, Nothing Was the Same, rapper/crooner Drake went on SportsCenter yesterday for a masturbatory segment about his sports besties, including Johnny Manziel (who he

Johnny Manziel Got Congratulated by Floyd Mayweather Jr. for Winning Him $200,000 Last Night

The wound is still too fresh from my last Floyd-Mayweather-is-filthy-rich post (which a few sad commenters took seriously) to even want to cover this, but

Johnny Manziel Made THIS PLAY Against Alabama, But It Wasn’t Enough

The Game to End All Games came and went and the world is still standing. When the smoke cleared in College Station, Alabama had its

Is Drake Going to Perform at Texas A&M’s Midnight Yell Tomorrow?

The Game of the Century is Saturday in College Station. We’ve been beaten over the head with all of the Alabama-Texas A&M hype for what

Charles Barkley is Rooting for Alabama this Weekend Because Johnny Manziel is Miley Cyrus

Chuck is the king of hot takes, and this one about who he is rooting for in the Texas A&M-Alabama game is no different --

Tom Brady on Johnny Football: ‘Don’t Be a Turd’

In many ways, Johnny Manziel has become the new Tim Tebow. He's a better quarterback—well, I guess: the jury's still out on his NFL success—but

This Johnny Manziel GIF Is Everything

This GIF aired on the Tonight Show this week—meaning that, for maybe the first time in your life, you're about to laugh at something associated

Johnny Manziel Talked Trash by Fake Signing Autographs

Love it. Totally love it. From a quick-Vining SB Nation's Brian Floyd:

Johnny Manziel and Friends Have a Jousting Match Using Laundry Bins in Texas A&M Locker Room

This is sickening. And not because they are jousting in a football locker room and potentially risking injury, but because they totally bitched out. I

Just Johnny Manziel Flipping the Bird in the Texas A&M Locker Room, ‘Cause Johnny Manziel Is the Man

The college football season is just over a week away. I can't contain my enthusiasim either. After a doozy of a summer bender, it's been

Johnny Manziel Finally Gets His Superhero Magazine Cover

Johnny Manziel is not the hero we need, he’s the hero we deserve – flaws and all. So it makes sense that everyone’s favorite lightning

Johnny Manziel’s Personal Assistant Uncle Nate Seems Like an Interesting Character

He's a personal assistant with the smarts of Turtle. He's got the ill-thought-out dreams of How to Make It in America's Ben Epstein. And he's probably as

‘He’s a Nightmare for the NCAA.’ Jalen Rose Defends Johnny Manziel

A few weeks out from the college football season, and Johnny Football is probably the most talked about topic in the land. It's scandal galore

This Epic Bama vs. Texas A&M ‘Rematch’ Video Will Get You INSANELY Hyped for Football Season

The summer sports lull is going to come to a resounding halt over the next few weeks, as we gear up for the heaven on