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Michael Sam Sacks Johnny Football and Taunt Him With ‘Money’ Celebration

Michael Sam gets Johnny Football

Johnny Football Rushes for TD, Gives Us First ‘Money’ Celebration of the Season

Johnny Money

Here’s Brady Quinn Whining About How Johnny Manziel Shouldn’t Be Talking to Stacks of Cash on Video

Quit projecting, Brady.

The Fake Johnny Manziel Lawsuit Has Been Dismissed


Shoe Designer Releases Nike Concept Cleats for Johnny Manziel, They’re Hot

Now that Johnny Manziel has his team he needs a set of cleats so when he takes the field for the Cleveland Browns, or backs

Here’s Drake Partying with Johnny Manziel Last Night in New York

If the DJ didn't play "Draft Day" as soon as they rolled in, he should be fired.

20 Things You Never Knew About Johnny Manziel


Johnny Football—Excuse Us, Mr. Football—Signs Lucrative Multi-Year Deal with Nike

Johnny Football™.

This Kid Thinks He’s a Johnny Manziel Look-a-Like, We Think He’s Full of Shit

Hobart College's Dom Facciponte -- a member of the Class of 2016 -- tweeted us this morning asking us for an "RT for

Johnny Manziel Has a New Nickname

A sign of respect.

8 Amazing Instagram Pics from Johnny Manziel’s Last Night Partying In College Station

BroBible hero Johnny Manziel intends to head to the NFL. Before he starts sobering up for the combine, Johnny Football hit the town one last night

Johnny Manziel Wrote a Personal Thank You Message to Texas A&M Fans

Johnny Football's regime in College Station has come to an end. It's been a real couple years, though, hasn't it? There was that time he

Watch Johnny Manziel Lead a Florida State Tomahawk Chop at a Hollywood Club

Manziel was on the FSU train early. And Bleacher Report has video of him hilariously taking the mike at an LA club and leading The

Johnny Manziel’s Big-Breasted Party Chick Sells Marijuana In California, Has Very HOT Instagram

Can Johnny Manziel possibly be more of a a boss? Last night he was pictured leaving a Hollywood club with two hotties at his side. Bro move,

Johnny Manziel Goes Home with TWO Hot Chicks After Partying In Hollywood

Classic Johnny Football. TMZ caught him leaving a club with two ladies at tow. What a legend.

This Pic of Johnny Manziel and Drake Hanging Out on New Year’s Day Might Break the Internet

Johnny Manziel was proving that ice water runs through his veins on New Year's Eve with A&M's impressive comeback over Duke. Since he didn't get

Check Out the Monster Buck Johnny Manziel Shot During His Bye-Week

After a week off, tomorrow the Aggies play fellow SEC-newcomers Missouri in Columbia. So how did Johnny Manziel spend his weekend off? Just as any good ole

This Johnny Manziel GIF Is Everything

This GIF aired on the Tonight Show this week—meaning that, for maybe the first time in your life, you're about to laugh at something associated

Just Johnny Manziel Flipping the Bird in the Texas A&M Locker Room, ‘Cause Johnny Manziel Is the Man

The college football season is just over a week away. I can't contain my enthusiasim either. After a doozy of a summer bender, it's been

Johnny Manziel Finally Gets His Superhero Magazine Cover

Johnny Manziel is not the hero we need, he’s the hero we deserve – flaws and all. So it makes sense that everyone’s favorite lightning

Johnny Manziel’s Personal Assistant Uncle Nate Seems Like an Interesting Character

He's a personal assistant with the smarts of Turtle. He's got the ill-thought-out dreams of How to Make It in America's Ben Epstein. And he's probably as

Does Living with Parents No Longer Have a Negative Stigma? Plus, Tips for Throwing a College Rager

The freshest of fresh, Reggie Noble, joins host JCamm and Associate Editor Lance to break down everything from Johnny Manziel's latest

What Do We Think of Johnny Manziel’s Drink of Choice?

ESPN SuperWriter Wright Thompson published a fascinating profile of Johnny Manziel today, after spending an afternoon at a (very) nice golf course with the 20-year-old

Finally, the the Taiwanese Animation of Johnny Manziel Getting Kicked Out of a Texas Frat Party

A very important update to our previous post on Johnny Football's adventures in Austin, Texas this past weekend wearing a Tebow jersey. The NMA Taiwanese

Johnny Manziel Spotted In a Tebow Jersey at a University of Texas Frat Party

Ah. Another day in the life of Johnny Footroll. This afternoon the University of Texas' Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) chapter is throwing its annual Fiji

Johnny Manziel Allegedly Dismissed from Mannings’ Camp for Hangover

The summer of JOHNNY FOOTBALL continues: Our favorite Heisman-winn', Tim Tebow-dissin', Jimmy Tatro-buddyin', online class-attendin', and (possibly) blunt-smokin' QB was dismissed from the Manning Passing

I Want to Party with Johnny Football So Bad…

Johnny Football straight up chillin' with country singer Wade Bowen is my idea of a good party.

Johnny Manziel’s First Pitch Didn’t Disappoint

Johnny Manziel continued his seemingly never-ending victory lap by throwing out the first pitch before last night’s San Diego Padres. He was much, much better

R.I.P. Johnny Manziel’s Twitter Account

The world lost one of its great Twitter accounts last night when Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel announced he’s taking a break from social media

Best Weekend Sports Memes and GIFs, Biggest March Madness Snubs, and More Weekend Sports Links

As the madness descends upon us, get caught up with all you need to know, both for your bracket and game-watching experience. Plus, other sports

Johnny Football Continues to Tear Up Cabo on Spring Break, Tweets Photo of Him and Jimmy Tatro

Here is a photo of Johnny Manziel and Jimmy Tatro partying at El Squid Roe in Cabo. And now we know why Jimmy's video this

The 20 Best Weekend Sports GIFs, NFL Power Rankings, and More Weekend Sports Links

All the finest sports news and entertainment fit to blog. Should help power us through the week as we creep closer and closer to the

Johnny Manziel Won the Heisman, Is Officially the Coolest 20 Year Old in Country

Johnny Football won the Heisman last night after one of the most stunning freshman seasons in college football history. The quarterback picked up 474 first-place

What’s Everyone’s Thoughts on This Ridiculous Johnny Football Haircut?

Rob the Originial, a barbershop in San Antonio, was the setting for this incredible tribute to potential Heisman winner Johnny Manziel. Using just clippers and

We Are Scared (and Kind of Aroused?) by This Texas A&M Lady’s Tribute to Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel, quarterback for Texas A&M and a leading contender for the Heisman, is currently having one of the most amazing freshman seasons in college