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Check Out the First Trailer for the Johnny Depp-Starring ‘Lone Ranger’

It's been talked about for months now, and here, at last, it is: The trailer for the big-budget movie adaptation of "The Lone Ranger." Starring

See Your Favorite Hollywood Actors’ Less Than Memorable Debuts

Even the most prestigious actors started their cinematic careers in some crummy movie.

Johnny Depp is a Vampire in the ‘70s in ‘Dark Shadows’

If I told you that this was the trailer for "Dark Shadows," yet another vampire movie, you'd probably roll your eyes. If I

Watch the Trailer for ‘The Rum Diary’

So... You know by now that I'm a big Hunter S. Thompson evangelist. Like, we established that a long, long time ago, right?

The Daily Buzz for March 10, Presented By Hunter Thompson, John Cusack, Johnny Depp & a Blow-Up Doll

Anyone who knows me well enough, offline, knows that (a. my real name isn't "Joe" and (b. for all sorts of reasons, I'm a rabid,

Outstanding Performances, Surprise Appearances, and Rants Vie for Bro of the Week Honors

The weekend is finally here and it is time once again to crown our Bro of the Week. The way this works is that five