olivia munn

Olivia Munn Dropped Some Sexy Cleavage As Well As A Few Aaron Rodgers Stories On ‘Conan’


Olivia Munn is in the new film Mortdecai with Johnny Depp so she's currently making the talk show rounds and Tuesday night she dropped by Conan and of course the subject matter turned to her dating the very-disappointed-right-about-now Aaron Rodgers.

johnny depp speech

Let’s Play A Little Game Called ‘What Drugs And/Or Alcohol Does Johnny Depp Appear To Be On During This Awards Speech’


I am some neurotic blogger with social anxiety who can only communicate with other human beings through one-way online communication that has to be precisely thought out for hours, so the notion of getting up on stage before a huge and esteemed crowd terrifies me.


Johnny Depp introduces everyone to two men who ‘know a whole lot about AIDS’


Johnny Depp doesn't know a whole lot about AIDS -- but his friends do.

Johnny Depp Transcendence

Johnny Depp and Jimmy Kimmel flirted, talked Amber Heard, and then, uh, kissed


Johnny Depp was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night talking Transcendence when Jimmy gave him grief about being engaged to Amber Heard after he and Depp had kissed the last time he was on the show.

lost another one

Lost another one: Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are now engaged


Cross another celebrity female fantasy girlfriend off the list as it's being reported that Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are now engaged.

Johnny Depp passed movie roles

8 iconic movie roles Johnny Depp almost played


In the early ‘90s and ‘00s there were many roles that Johnny Depp lost to other actors, but these were also others that he actually passed on.

William Fichtner

Blazed Movie Reviews: The Lone Ranger


If they were high making it, why shouldn't I be high watching it.

The Lone Ranger

Johnny Depp making weird faces: The supercut


Johnny Depp has carved out quite a career for himself and now The Lone Ranger is almost upon us.

William Fichtner

A pile of new ‘Lone Ranger’ images


The Lone Ranger might be a bomb, but it's looking fun.

who is Johnny Depp dating

It’s official: Johnny Depp has turned Amber Heard straight


Despite the fact that it was kind of big news a couple of years ago when Amber Heard came out as a lesbian, she simply couldn't resist the charms of one Johnny Depp as they are now "officially" dating.


‘The Lone Ranger’ international trailer actually looks good


If you can ignore Johnny Depp playing a Native American, The Lone Ranger trailer looks pretty good.

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