march madness

John Oliver Explains Why The NCAA Is Pure EVIL On ‘Last Week Tonight’


John Oliver is very, very good at destroying, absolutely eviscerating, ripping new assholes, brilliantly shitting on, crapping on, spanking, and straight-up hating.

daylight savings

‘Last Week Tonight’ Ripped Daylight Savings Time A New Asshole


Last night John Oliver answered the question that I've been asking myself for years, too scared to ask my friends in fear of them calling me stupid: What the fuck is the point of Daylight Savings and why does it insist on making a liar of my microwave.


Watch As John Oliver Absolutely Eviscerates The Lottery And Anyone Who Plays It


I've been known to play the lottery from time-to-time under the guise of 'well, at least it's going to education,' and holy crap do I feel stupid right about now.

last week tonight

Watch John Oliver Give The United States Government A Huge Spanking Over The Number Of Visas They Issue Iraqis


Translators who have aided the military in Iraq and Afghanistan are often overlooked, if not completely ignored, when it comes to acknowledging those who have risked their lives in order to help the United States.

pumpkin spice

John Oliver Brilliantly Shits On America’s Affinity For Pumpkin Spice Products


By now, everyone is familiar with America's grotesque thirst for pumpkin spice-flavored products.

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