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Watch John Oliver’s Funny and Tearful Exit from the ‘Daily Show’

The man who ably helmed the Daily Show ship over the summer got his farewell last night—thankfully he's not leaving TV; just basic cable.

‘Daily Show’ Corespondents Hilariously Rip John Oliver on His Last Show Sitting in for Jon Stewart

Going to miss Oliver. Hopefully someone running that station throws him the time-slot after Colbert. Because full disclosure: I like John Oliver's version of the

Royal Baby’s Arrival Sends ‘Daily Show’ Staff Into Drunken Bender

The Royal Baby was covered extensively by media. The public interest may not have been commiserate with the coverage. So what’s next now that the

John Oliver Absolutely Destroyed Paula Deen’s Racism on ‘The Daily Show’ Last Night

Paula Deen eats lots and lots of BUUDDER. And John Oliver reminds us of that while he rips her to shreds for using the N-word

John Oliver Took Over the ‘Daily Show’ and People Are Pissed

Jon Stewart is taking a leave of absence from the Daily Show until September. Longtime correspondent John Oliver is attempting to fill the funnyman’s large