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Watch John Oliver Crap All Over Internet ‘Clickbait’ Headlines By Destroying A Pinata

Oh, clickbait. How the Internet hates thee.

John Oliver Eviscerated the Ferguson Police Department Over Their Racial Profiling on ‘Last Week Tonight’

Last night, John Oliver reported on the tragic, and arguably fucked up, events that occurred last week in Ferguson, Missouri.

Watch John Oliver Show How Close America Is To Blowing Itself Up With Nuclear Weapons

Hold onto your butts, people.

Singapore’s Anti-Gambling PSA is Actually a Pro-Gambling Hype Video

Gambling: perfectly healthy.

John Oliver Did 17 Minutes on America’s Prison System Last Night, Illuminated Some Startling Facts

Kind of tough to watch.

John Oliver Hilariously Explains the State of Income Inequality In America

Who knew income inequality could be a barrel of laughs?

John Oliver Read Some of President Warren G. Harding’s ‘Smutty Fuck Notes’ to His Mistress

For my money, Warren G. Harding is now the flyest Warren G. to have ever lived.

John Oliver Destroys Your July 4th Forever By Informing Everyone How Lame Fireworks Actually Are

And now I'm sad.

John Oliver Hilariously Guesses Whether Crazy Soccer Names Are Real Or Fake

"Dick Tickler" for the win.

John Oliver Hilariously Compares the Redskins Keeping Their Name to Other Terrible Things

Comedy Central can't be happy they let Oliver go weeks before Colbert decided to leave.

John Oliver Took a Steaming Dump All Over FIFA Just in Time for the World Cup

Hot take alert.

John Oliver Destroyed the Case for the Death Penalty on ‘Last Week’

John Oliver's new show is... killing it.

John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” Debut Put Racists on Blast

Oliver's twist.

Watch John Oliver’s Funny and Tearful Exit from the ‘Daily Show’

The man who ably helmed the Daily Show ship over the summer got his farewell last night—thankfully he's not leaving TV; just basic cable. Cheers

‘Daily Show’ Corespondents Hilariously Rip John Oliver on His Last Show Sitting in for Jon Stewart

Going to miss Oliver. Hopefully someone running that station throws him the time-slot after Colbert. Because full disclosure: I like John Oliver's version of the

Royal Baby’s Arrival Sends ‘Daily Show’ Staff Into Drunken Bender

The Royal Baby was covered extensively by media. The public interest may not have been commiserate with the coverage. So what’s next now that the

John Oliver Absolutely Destroyed Paula Deen’s Racism on ‘The Daily Show’ Last Night

Paula Deen eats lots and lots of BUUDDER. And John Oliver reminds us of that while he rips her to shreds for using the N-word

John Oliver Took Over the ‘Daily Show’ and People Are Pissed

Jon Stewart is taking a leave of absence from the Daily Show until September. Longtime correspondent John Oliver is attempting to fill the funnyman’s large