miss america

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Absolutely Eviscerates The Miss America Pageant


Last Week Tonight With John Oliver set the Miss America pageant between their crosshairs this week after they claimed to be the world's largest organization for women's scholarships.

john oliver

Let John Oliver Explain Scottish Independence So You Can Bring It Up With Chicks And Sound ‘Educated’


This week Scotland is having a vote on whether or not they want to stay as part of the United Kingdom.

student debt

Have A Shit Load Of Student Debt? John Oliver Discussed The Horrifying Realities Of It On ‘Last Week Tonight’


The amount of student debt currently outstanding in the United States is over $1 trillion.

Last Week Tonight

John Oliver Eviscerated the Ferguson Police Department Over Their Racial Profiling on ‘Last Week Tonight’


Last night, John Oliver reported on the tragic, and arguably fucked up, events that occurred last week in Ferguson, Missouri.

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