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John Daly is Wearing SpongeBob SquarePants Pants at the 2014 Open Championship Today

He's also wearing pink shoes.

Guess What John Daly Did To This Woman’s Face?

American national treasure and famed golf lunatic John Daly has a little party trick that he likes to show off for the camera.

You Can Probably Guess How Much Soda John Daly Drinks in a Day

No calories though.

Golfer John Daly Will Be Making Pizza At Your Local Course

Professional golfer and lovable everyman John Daly is getting into the pizza business. The pizza looks decent but the company slogan is atrocious.

The Most Insane Things Done by Insane Athletes

John Daly doing an interview shirtless.... CLASSIC.... 

John Daly Hit a Tee Shot Off a Guy’s Mouth, Because John Daly Is Awesome

There is precious little context to this video. We know that John Daly is in the parking lot of a pizza restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee.

Watch John Daly Hit a Golf Ball Out of David Feherty’s Mouth

As his crew begs him to "not do anything stupid," David Feherty lies down on the ground and insists that John Daly hits a golf

John Daly’s New, Caddyshack-Esque Golf Bag

Early this morning John Daly Tweeted a picture of his new golf bag. This bad boy boasts a flat screen TV, amongst all sorts of

The 15 Biggest Degenerate Celebrity Gamblers (Part 2)

Click here to see the first part of the 15 biggest degenerate celebrity gamblers! Ben Affleck Back in 2007, Affleck was reported to have an online poker