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John Calipari Did a One-and-Done on “The Colbert Report”

A nice chat.

Of Course Tucker Max and John Calipari are Friends


John Calipari’s Speech to His Kentucky Team After Making the Final Four May Make You Like John Calipari

Cat daddy.

John Calipari Makes a Face Never Before Seen on a Mortal Human Being

During last night’s 84-70 win over Ole Miss, John Calipari appeared to briefly morph into a demonic creature. It came […]

John Calipari Said Duke Players Would Be Suspended in NBA for Flopping

Duke topped Kentucky last night in one of the most exciting games of the young college basketball season—a 75-68 upset that featured several insane throwdowns

Kentucky Gave Drake a National Championship Ring

This is the deal with the devil that you accept when John Calipari is your head coach. He's going to bring in, like, eight of