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Fat Jew asks hot dog eating champ Joey Chestnut the thing we’ve all wondered about — his bowel movements


Internet celebrity 'The Fat Jew' sat down with American hero & eating champion Joey Chestnut to discuss his eating habits leading up to the 4th of July.

Joey Chestnut

Joey Chestnut Lost in Pot-Sticker-Eating Competition, You Guys


A man lost a fork, A FORK, inside his penis and Joey Chestnut lost in an eating competition.


‘The Day I Partied with Joey Chestnut’


Editor's Note: A reader passed along this excellent story about partying with famed competitive eater Joey Chestnut during a visit to his college campus.

Joey Chestnut

Watch Joey Chestnut Eat 69 Hot Dogs in 10 Minutes


Alleged human being Joey Chestnut stuffed 69 hot dogs into his stomach to break his own world record at Coney Island yesterday.

pat bertoletti pitcher chug

Pat Bertoletti and Joey Chestnut have a Guinness pitcher chugging race


Everyone has a friend who can slam a beer pretty quickly, but they would look like a freshman girl compared to Pat Bertoletti and Joey Chestnut.


Frat Dude Crushes Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest


BroBible has sent me to Santa Themed Bar Crawls, Porno Awards, and Horse Races.

robert de la rochefoucauld

Your Bro of the Week Nominees Include the Greatest Spy Ever and a Man Who Ate 68 Hot Dogs


Each week, we nominate five Bros for the esteemed honor of Bro of the Week, given to the guy who best went above and beyond the call of duty over the past seven days.

takeru kobayashi

Watch Joey Chestnut Eat 68 Hot Dogs in 10 Minutes


Joey Chestnut tied his personal record by eating 68 hot dogs in 10 minutes to win his sixth consecutive Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.


Hot Dog Eating Contest: Is Joey Chestnut An Athlete?


Joey "Jaws" Chesnut, the five-time defending champion of the Nathan's July 4th Hot Dog Eating Contest, will be competing for his sixth straight title tomorrow.

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