unnecessary censorship

President Obama Isn’t Even Safe From Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Unnecessary Censorship’


In their weekly tribute to the FCC where they bleep and blur things whether they need it or not, Jimmy Kimmel Live lays waste to President Obama, Kenny Chesney, Barney and more, with the usual hilarious results.

Joe Namath

Joe Namath Allegedly Had Sex With Over 300 Girls While At Alabama


Ever want to know what Broadway Joe's number was during his college days at the University of Alabama.

Suzy Kolber

Joe Namath Opened the NFL Draft By Yelling Like a Crazy Person


NFL legend Joe Namath made his triumphant return to live television before the start of last night’s draft.

Willie Mays

12 athletes who never looked right in their new uniforms

By | 3 Comments

With the Major League Baseball's trade deadline coming up in a month there's always a chance that a player you like is going to get traded.

Wilt Chamberlain

10 of the most overrated sports legends of all-time

By | 54 Comments

Sometimes, an athlete can be great and overrated at the same time.


68-Year Old Joe Namath Provides the Tweet of the Day


During last night's soggy Jets game, 68-year old Broadway Joe earned a pre-season spot on my must-follow list with this gem of a Tweet.

Tom Brady

10 of the biggest degenerate Super Bowl winning quarterbacks

By | 13 Comments

NFL quarterbacks can generally be put into one of two categories.

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