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Joe Biden Just Joined Instagram and He Is Already Ballin’

Like a boss.

President Obama and Vice President Biden Made a Terrible Fitness Awareness Video, Are Probably Chugging Vodka at the End

Just about the worst fitness awareness video ever made.

Joe Biden Gave His Best Shit-Eating Grin at the State of the Union Last Night

Joe Biden: The eyes of the world are on him. He's sitting in one of only two seats behind his boss. His only job is to not

Joe Biden Once Told the Secret Service to Fuck Off; Did a Burnout in His ‘67 Corvette

From The Wall Street Journal:

Is This a Picture of Vice President Joe Biden Talking on an iPhone with a Budweiser Case?

This picture is amazing. I have no idea what its origins are or what the backstory is here, but It popped on my radar this

5 Most Inappropriate Joe Biden Laughs from Last Night’s Debate

Hey, watch the debate last night? Joe Biden kind of killed it, right? Not since the Joker has laughter seemed so demoralizing to an opponent.

Here’s Our Official Vice Presidential Debate Drinking Game

Joe Biden and Paul Ryan will debate each other tomorrow night as they continue to run for the dubious honor of being the first in

A Lady Biker Sat on the Vice President’s Lap Today

If you're someone who dabbles in these here "humor" websites, then you're probably familiar with The Onion's coverage of Joe Biden: How he washes his