Joe Biden Weighed In On DeflateGate, Said He Likes ‘A Softer Ball’


Vice President Joe Biden was on CBS This Morning earlier today to discuss weighty issues like The State of the Union Address, terrorism, and, of course, the New England Patriots' DeflateGate scandal.

joe biden

Joe Biden’s Son Hunter Kicked Out Of The Navy For Cocaine


VP Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, has been discharged from the Navy after testing positive for cocaine, according to numerous reports.

jimmy kimmel

Do You Know Who Joe Biden Is? Because Jimmy Kimmel Just Proved That Most Americans Don’t


You know those cranky old-timers who like to talk about how the “youth of today” are ruining everything.

ray rice

Vice President Joe Biden Is a Total Badass Talking About the Ray Rice Suspension


Last week I showed you how much of a badass Vice President Joe Biden was when talking about ISIS.

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