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Why You Should Worry Because You’re Going To Get Fired — Eventually


Yesterday, my esteemed colleague David Covucci wrote an inspired missive about the current culture of the American workforce in relation to the trepidation of management to dismiss staff constantly underperforming on the job.

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Don’t Worry. You Aren’t Going To Get Fired From Your Job

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It's surprisingly easy to not get fired in Corporate America.

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5 Signs You Should to Quit Your Job. Like, Today.


A recent survey I pulled out of my ass indicates that the average person will spend 10.


You’ll Never Guess Which Tech Company Pays Its Interns The Highest Salary, And NO It’s Not Google


There are some days that I wish I had majored in something like computer science just for the money.


This Is What It’s Like To Fake Your Way Through Work Every Day


Do you enjoy doing absolutely nothing for 8 hours a day and then getting paid for it.

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