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5 Best On-Campus Jobs for Bros (and the Girls You’ll Meet There)

On-campus employment at most major universities runs the gamut between ridiculous wage work that acts more as a time-killer (rather than a real way to

President Obama Says He Wants to Be an ESPN Sportscenter Anchor After Leaving Office

Barack Obama has two years in the White House still, but he's already daydreaming about what his next career move may be. According to the

Americans Are Getting Much Better at Passing Drug Tests

When I was a freshman in college, I got a summer job working for a construction company. 

5 Dream Jobs That Would Actually Suck

All it takes is watching one episode of Bar Rescue to know you'll never want to own a bar ever in your life. 

This Resume for a Graphic Designer Position Is So Bad, It’s Kind of Amusing

A tipster just e-mailed us this incredible resume, noting that it was for "an actual graphic design position at a multimedia company."

The 10 Cities Every Recent College Graduate Should Move To

Why f#@K would you every want to move to NYC? 

15 Biggest Myths About Having a Job

Putting aside the crippling debt and the broken liver and the permanent aversion to whiteboards given to you by college, four-year

Men’s Warehouse Fired the Men’s Warehouse Guy

Someone didn't like the way he looked, I guarentee it. 

More Unpaid Intern Lawsuits Are Coming

Two days after a judge ruled that Fox Searchlight Pictures violated labor laws by using unpaid interns during the filming of Black Swan, two

Good News, Bros with Internships: The Days of Unpaid Work Might Soon Be Over

The unpaid internship is an inherently unfair system. It allows fields like media to be filled by lesser, and wealthier, kids who can afford to

The BroBible Guide to Jobs and Internships

Here at BroBible, we know that summer internship and job hunt season is in full-swing for many of you. In order

College Kids: Wanna Intern for LeBron James?

Internship season is nearly upon us. I think. I don't know. I'm kind of out of the loop here.

The 14 Best Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree

College doesn't make you special, Bro... 

Your First Day at a New Job

Congrats, graduate! You actually found a job. All that resume passing and hard work and nepotism really paid off, eh?

5 Ways Finding A Job Is Humiliating

1. The Interview

5 Reasons Everyone Should Work in the Service Industry at Least Once In Their Life

Ah, May. My Facebook has been flooded for the last two weeks about finals. Graduations have all come and gone and

15 Great Resources to Help You Find a Job After College

Was growing up ever a part of our plan? What are we suppose to do after the kegs have been emptied, the finals have been

The Weather Channel Is Currently Torturing Its Interns: Here’s How You Join In

The life of the intern is not a fun life: You're the bitch of the company, incapable of saying "No" to coffee runs and the

Here are the 10 Best and Worst Jobs of 2013

Jobs are things people have, and rankings are things that people like when they pertain to them. A career website combined both! 

Exciting New Job Opportunity: Move to China and Become an Internet Smut Expert

Plenty of dudes think they know porn. But few get paid to ply their so-called expertise. The good people of China are offering you, dear

4 Simple Pieces of Career Advice (Almost No One Follows)

Live to work? Or work to live? Chicken before the... Ah, screw it. 

15 Ways to Not Screw Up Your Job Interview

It’s interview season. This is a season that doesn’t really carry the same positive ring as “FOOTBALL SEASON!” or “Wedding season!” or “New Season of

This Tremendous Video Shows That Your Resume Is Probably Useless

There is nothing on the internet consistently as funny as The Onion. Here, they nicely rip on what you may very well think after applying

Guy Gets Caught Watching Porn at Work Thanks to Company Across the Street and Twitter

This cat must think he works at BroBible where at least twice a week a conversation begins with "have you seen that porn with..." and

Hate Your Job? Outsource It to China So You Can Be Paid to Watch YouTube Videos, Like This Guy

Your first reaction to this story might be to be angry at "Bob" for his laziness, his apathy, and his general un-American attitude toward work

Bro Writes Weak Cover Letter, Has Everyone on Wall Street Fighting Over Who Gets to Hire Him

This humble cover letter has gone viral around the Wall Street circle because of its honesty. The internship-seeking applicant gives a very accurate picture of

This is the Woman (Legally) Fired By Her Boss for Being ‘Irresistible’

This woman got the shaft because her boss couldn’t imagine a situation where he wouldn’t end up giving her his shaft.

Dom Mazzetti vs. Getting Hired

Tough job market out there. Dom shows you how to be a cut above the rest. Take notes. 

Jobs Like This Are Legitimately Posted, and We’re Definitely All Not F*cked

Being fresh out of college with a liberal arts degree sounds like a pretty good time right about now. 

5 Fake Jobs to Have as a Post Grad

Unless you graduated  from Stanford at 16 or you’re the heir to the TempTee Cream Cheese fortune , your post-grad career path will be checkered

The 12 Best and Worst Jobs to Get on a College Campus

Soon you'll have blown through all your Summer cash and you'll need some serious tequila-and-bail money funds. Don’t sweat it: There are plenty of opportunities

If You Don’t Have a Facebook Account, People Just Assume You’re a Psycho

I’ve always admired people my age that lead a Facebook-free existence. Whether they never registered an account or walked away from the social-networking site, it’s

10 Real Jobs to Work Alongside Hot Chicks


In a perfect world — you know, one constructed by a man's hands — every office or place of business would be completely littered with

Bored in NYC? BroBible is Still Looking for Summer 2012 Interns

BroBible is currently looking for interns to join our team for a busy few months this summer. Interns will have the opportunity to contribute regularly

Attention: Your LinkedIn Account Was Just Hacked

It’s that time of year when millions of college students are packing up their sh*tty rooms from their on-campus dens of iniquity and hoping they

Get Ya Lunch Bags Ready: 10 Ways To Dominate Your Summer Internship

It’s summer internship time, so get ya lunch bags ready. And heed the following advice if you want to dominate your internship like Nicolas Cage

25 Things I Learned In College (During My Ten Years of Undergrad)

(Editor's Note: We just found this gem in the Brommunity, posted by a guy that is finally graduating college after 10 YEARS. That's a long

Help Us Pick the Bro of the Week

Each week, Bros go above and beyond the call of duty. For that, they receive Bro of the Week consideration. We’re putting the power in

The Letter You Don’t Want to Get When Applying for a Job

Trying to find a job has become an increasingly difficult voyage into an abyss of online databases and form letters. Often times, the status of