Here Are America’s Deadliest Jobs, In Case You Have An Insatiable Hunger For Danger


Regardless of your profession, it turns out that the odds of kicking the bucket on the job aren't that high.


Girl Replies To Ad For What She Thinks Is A Real Babysitting Gig. NOPE, Just A Guy Who Wants To Bang A Babysitter.


All things considered, putting a job listing online that only chicks would ever respond to isn't the worst way to find someone to hook up with.


How To Handle Being Unemployed


Do you know how to be unemployed.

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8 Jobs That Will Cease To Exist Within 10 Years


It’s hard to find a good job these days, but it’s just going to keep getting harder.


U.S. Map Of The Most Unique Job In Each State Reminds Me I Still Don’t Know What A ‘Boilermaker’ Is

By | 2 Comments

I'm going to be 100% honest with you bros: I've always thought that a boilermaker was the 'beer cocktail' where you drop a shot of whiskey into your beer and chug.

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If You Want To Get A Job After Graduation, These Are The Best College Majors To Choose


Just having a college degree isn't going to get you a job after graduation.

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Why You Should Worry Because You’re Going To Get Fired — Eventually


Yesterday, my esteemed colleague David Covucci wrote an inspired missive about the current culture of the American workforce in relation to the trepidation of management to dismiss staff constantly underperforming on the job.

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Don’t Worry. You Aren’t Going To Get Fired From Your Job

By | 6 Comments

It's surprisingly easy to not get fired in Corporate America.

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5 Signs You Should to Quit Your Job. Like, Today.


A recent survey I pulled out of my ass indicates that the average person will spend 10.

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