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VIDEO: Guy Stands In Front Of Oncoming Trains For His Job, Hopefully Makes Bank


There's a lot of things I'm willing to do for money and very few that I'm not.

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15 Biggest Myths About Having a Job


Putting aside the crippling debt and the broken liver and the permanent aversion to whiteboards given to you by college, four-year universities—and high schools, as well—do a really bad job of providing any sort of expectation about what to expect from the working world.

Rogue Ales

How to get hired by a brewery


Rogue Ales wins the prize for most fun interview process.


Get fired from your job by reality TV


Well this sounds uniquely awful in every single way.

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When Writing Cover Letter, Don’t Forget To Mention How Much You Bench


Creating an effective cover letter is a touch-and-feel kind of thing.


Georgia Department of Labor Posts for a Str*pper Job In the Same Town Larry Flynt Was Shot


Earlier this afternoon our friends at Asylum noticed an opening on the Georgia Department of Labor's website for a $75–$150-per-hour "Dancer" position in Lawrenceville, Gerogia.


Waffles McButters’ Top 10 Things to Do If You Become Unemployed


[inline:bum]Roughly 6 months ago, the economy was tanking, jobs were being snatched from our grasps at record paces, and I had about 20 less women under my distinguished belt.

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