wtf forehead

Joaquin Phoenix’s forehead rotated looks like a hilariously stoned alien


Today, Joaquin Phoenix (and his forehead) turn 24,430 days old and I simply cannot believe it took us this long to realize he might be a stoned alien.

Waylon Jennings

9 famous people who cheated death


Death eventually comes for us all, and unless you’re Bill and Ted, you’re probably going back with him when he shows up.

Tommy Lee Jones

Who wins the Oscar for best GIF?


Who wins the 2013 Academy Award for best GIF.

The Master review

Blazed Movie Review: ‘The Master’


I can't smoke pot at home anymore because I have kids.

The Master

Trailer for ‘The Master’ Is Released: Is the Movie About Scientology?


Paul Thomas Anderson, the brilliant director who made "Boogie Nights," "Punch Drunk Love," and "There Will Be Blood," has a new film coming out this October 12: "The Master.

The Master trailer

First footage from ‘The Master’ looks intense


I'm glad that Joaquin Phoenix has stopped being a fake Borat douche and returned to to acting, because this is gonna be great.

late night tv

Joaquin Phoenix and David Letterman Reunite to Explain 2009 Appearance, ‘I’m Still Here’


When Joaquin Phoenix went on David Letterman's show in February 2009 as a bearded, inaudible actor-turned-rapper, BroBible was just a couple weeks old.

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