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Joan Rivers Endorsed The iPhone 6 On Facebook Today Even Though, You Know, She’s Dead


Joan Rivers may have passed into the great beyond, but she's still sending out messages on her Facebook page telling you that if you're not standing in line for a new iPhone 6 then you need to get your ass there pronto.

radio shows

Howard Stern Paid Tribute To Joan Rivers During His Show Yesterday


YouTube Have sixty-seven minutes and five-seconds to spare.

dead celebs

Peter King Needs To Stop Tweeting His Stupid Stories About Dead Celebrities


Peter King never let's the death of a celebrity pass him by without tweeting an pointless anecdote about said dead celebrity.


Remembering the Time Louis C.K. Tried to Have Sex with Joan Rivers


The news of Joan Rivers' death is a pretty big bummer, especially for those who have followed her nearly 50-year career in the comedy world.

LeAnn Rimes roofie joke

LeAnn Rimes thinks rape jokes are funny, because of course she does


Remember when LeAnn Rimes was known for being a really good singer and not just some random pseudo-celeb on Twitter.

Joan Rivers rips Gwyneth Paltrow

Joan Rivers also hates Gwyneth Paltrow, destroys her in new interview (video)


Joan Rivers was on Watch What Happens Live yesterday when the subject of Gwyneth Paltrow came up and phrases like "stick up her rear end" entered the conversation.

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