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JMU Wants You To Know It Parties Harder Than Your School


JMU is putting itself back on the turnt map again, with the Bros at Sigma Chi enlisting the talents of Sound Remedy for a huge rager.


JMU Party Video Features a Plethora of Hot College Chicks In Neon


One of the things all my buddies who went to JMU love to brag about is the incredible ratio of women-to-men.


Watch Kap Slap Rage at JMU’s Sigma Chi ‘Basement Rave’


This past weekend the Sigma Chis at James Madison University hosted a rager with Kap Slap.


For Some Reason James Madison University Students ‘Rioted’ Because Classes Were Cancelled


What's the logical college response to a school canceling class due to Hurricane Sandy.

paint parties

The James Madison University Paint Party Looks Like a Nice Time


We got a hot and spicy tip from the JMU Party Cartel saying that this video of JMU's paint party should replace I'm Shmacked for JMU.

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VIDEOS: JMU’s Block Party-Turned-Riot: Blood, Sweat, and Tear Gas


 If a bro were to choose a song that truly epitomizes the vibe from this year’s Spring-fest/Block Party festivities at James Madison University, it would be without a shadow of a doubt, “Fight for your Right to Party,” by some of the biggest bros of all time the, Beastie Boys.


College Chicks Breakdowns: The Girls of James Madison University


[inline:girls] [inline:waf]Note from Waffles: As you all probably know by now, our College Chick Breakdowns are weekly pieces that set out to explore all different types of chicks that one might encounter at a certain institution of higher learning.

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