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Retired NFL Player Ben Leber Wants Every Rookie to Read J.J. Watt’s Explanation As to Why He Has No Social Life

J.J. Watt works hard, you guys.

J.J. Watt’s Workout is More Intense Than Your Workout

Oh, he lifts, Bro.

JJ Watt Looked Like a Spartan Warrior; Not Enough to Beat Seahawks

The Seahawks trailed 20-3, Russell Wilson had, like, 8 yards passing, and a gash had opened up on JJ Watt's face, turning the player into an

J.J. Watt Does a 59.5-inch Box Jump. Challenge Very Much Not Accepted.

I don't know, you guys, I think this might have been wind aided. Yep, got to call bullshit on this. Clearly there were gale force

Watch JJ Watt Be a Quality Bro and Visit a 12-Year-Old with Leukemia

There are, thankfully, a good amount of athletes out there who are selfless enough to visit the sick kids who look up to them. You've

J.J. Watt Proposed to a 6-Year-Old Girl

J.J. Watt is an enormous man with an enormous heart.

The Top 5 NFL MVP Candidates, Plus the Thursday Night Pick

I love putting together lists as lead-ins for the Thursday night NFL pick and this weekend is no different.  We're past the halfway point in

A Mic’d Up J.J. Watt Trash Talks Ray Race by Comparing Him to His Burrito Diet

Short, but packs quite the punch. The Habenero hot sauce of NFL trash talk, one may even say.