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J.J. Watt’s Workout is More Intense Than Your Workout

Oh, he lifts, Bro.

JJ Watt Looked Like a Spartan Warrior; Not Enough to Beat Seahawks

The Seahawks trailed 20-3, Russell Wilson had, like, 8 yards passing, and a gash had opened up on JJ Watt's face, turning the player into an

J.J. Watt Does a 59.5-inch Box Jump. Challenge Very Much Not Accepted.

I don't know, you guys, I think this might have been wind aided. Yep, got to call bullshit on this. Clearly there were gale force

Watch JJ Watt Be a Quality Bro and Visit a 12-Year-Old with Leukemia

There are, thankfully, a good amount of athletes out there who are selfless enough to visit the sick kids who look up to them. You've

J.J. Watt Proposed to a 6-Year-Old Girl

J.J. Watt is an enormous man with an enormous heart.

The Top 5 NFL MVP Candidates, Plus the Thursday Night Pick

I love putting together lists as lead-ins for the Thursday night NFL pick and this weekend is no different.  We're past the halfway point in

A Mic’d Up J.J. Watt Trash Talks Ray Race by Comparing Him to His Burrito Diet

Short, but packs quite the punch. The Habenero hot sauce of NFL trash talk, one may even say.