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Jimmy Kimmel Asked Strangers If They Were Kinky, Proved You Can Totally Tell By Looking At People


Jimmy Kimmel's latest man on the street bit involved asking pedestrians if they were kinky.

unnecessary censorship

This Week in Unnecessary Censorship: Pete Carroll Sitting In A Dark Room Sucking His @!&*


As he does each week, Jimmy Kimmel used 'Unnecessary Censorship' to bleep out menial phrases, making them sound much more raunch and sinister.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Watch A Black Guy On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ Walk Around And Ask White People If They Have Black Friends


With February being Black History Month Jimmy Kimmel decided it would be a good idea to walk through Hollywood Boulevard and ask people if they have black friends.


Rob Gronkowski Talks Super Bowl Fight, Erotic Fan Fiction And More On Hilarious ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ Appearance


Rob Gronkowski made a fantastic appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night, despite only getting a couple hours of sleep after celebrating the New England Patriots' Super Bowl victory.

mean tweets

Katy Perry, Wiz Khalifa, Britney Spears, Drake, Iggy Azalea And Other Artists Read Mean Tweets On ‘Kimmel’


Jimmy Kimmel is back with one of his brilliant staple skits, "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets.


Matt Damon, Ben Affleck And Others Take Blame For DeflateGate To Defend Tom Brady


Tom Brady is one of Boston's most beloved sports figures of all-time.

jimmy kimmel prank

Jimmy Kimmel Fooled Cold-Pressed Juice Idiots With Skittles And Fun Dip


When you try to eat healthy you get barraged by fad diets that don't work.

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