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Jimmy Fallon And Mark Ruffalo Introduced Us To Our New Favorite Party Game: ‘Musical Beers’


Apparently tired of trying to come up with new and entertaining ways to play beer pong, last night Jimmy Fallon took on Mark Ruffalo, Stephen Merchant, Steve Higgins and Tariq of The Roots in a game of "Musical Beers," aka the next beer-related game some bro will try to get you to play at his next party.

jennifer lawrence

Liam Hemsworth Says Kissing Jennifer Lawrence Isn’t As Awesome As You’d Think


One would think that kissing Jennifer Lawrence would be about the greatest thing ever, right.

late night tv

Matthew McConaughey Proved That He Could Fire A Fuckin’ Pigskin While Playing Facebreakers With Jimmy Fallon


It comes as no surprise that Matthew McConaughey can hurl a football with stellar form.

late night

Daniel Radcliffe Raps ‘Alphabet Aerobics’ By Blackalicious, Is A Pretty Damn Good Rapper


On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Harry Potter himself (Daniel Radcliffe) busted out 'Alphabet Aerobics' by Blackalicious, after talking about his affinity towards extremely fast and intricate rap songs.

charles barkley

Charles Barkley Claims He Once Forced Himself To Gain 20 Pounds In 48 Hours So He Wouldn’t Be Drafted By The 76ers


On the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night Charles Barkley revealed that in order to avoid being drafted by the 76ers he spent 48 hours doing his damndest to gain 20 lbs.

charles barkley

Charles Barkley Sucking At Charades With Jimmy Fallon Is Pure Comedy


Charles Barkley should just be a guest on late night TV every night because frankly he's the best thing on television whenever he is on it.

The Tonight Show

Bradley Cooper And Jimmy Fallon Can’t Stop Laughing At Each Other While Wearing Ridiculous NFL Visors


On Friday night, Bro King and voice of the Philadelphia Eagles Bradley Cooper was on The Tonight Show to promote his very serious Broadway play that opens in November, The Elephant Man.

jimmy fallon

Jimmy Fallon Really, Really, REALLY Likes To Say The Word ‘Fun’


Perhaps someone should buy Jimmy Fallon a thesaurus because he obviously doesn't know any other words for "fun" other than "fun.

emma stone

Emma Stone Was The Cutest, Worst Liar Playing ‘Box Of Lies’ With Jimmy Fallon


Emma Stone appeared on The Tonight Show last night to promote her movie Birdman, but it was her funny game of "Box Of Lies" with Jimmy Fallon that stole the show.

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