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Jim Irsay Perp Walk Video? Jim Irsay Perp Walk Video

There's nothing quite like watching a rich person be treated as shittily as the rest of us.

Jim Irsay Continues to Be Coolest Owner In Sports, Mails a Fan $8,500 In Cash Money

Hey, a bet is a bet, even when it's made on Twitter. 

Is This Photo Colts Owner Jim Irsay Tweeted Douche or Bro?

The Indianapolis Colts shocked the NFL world this year by going 11-5 and making the playoffs—and their owner, Jim Irsay, is fired up!

Chuck Pagano Dances and Delivers Emotional Post Game Speech in First Game Back as Colts’ Head Coach

After the Colts defeated a shaky Texans team on Sunday, head coach Chuck Pagano danced, did a do-se-do with Jim Irsay, and then delivered a

Is an NFL Owner Visiting Brett Favre to Recruit Him?

The NFL lockout has taken over the headlines this offseason, which is bad news for attention-loving Brett Favre. Usually Favre dominates the talk of the