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Jim Gaffigan Said Hilarious Things on ‘Conan’ Last Night, Because Naturally

Jim Gaffigan was on Conan again (seems like he's on every other week) and he broke into his routine -- as comics tend to do on

Jim Gaffigan On How to Be a Boss

Legendary stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan is a boss on the stage, but who knew he excelled at Management 101... 

Jim Gaffigan Went on Jimmy Fallon to Talk About Food, Being Fat

Jim Gaffigan, comedian and arguably one of the greatest food observationalists of all time, went on Jimmy Fallon to talk new material, his new book,

Here’s a Really Cool Mini-Documentary, ‘Modern Comedian,’ with Jim Gaffigan

You may know Scott Moran from being the guy in this sentence, but he's also known for his well recieved "Modern Comedian" documentary series--its a

Watch Jim Gaffigan Hilariously Break Down Easter, the Absurdity of Holiday Traditions

Given the holiday (Happy Easter, everybody), figured it'd be more than fitting to post this great bit from Jim Gaffigan, who breaks down the ridiculousness

Here Are Samples of All the Comedy Albums Nominated for the ‘Best Comedy Album’ Grammy Award

This Sunday, the cultural tastemakers at the Grammys will reveal to society what the best comedy album of 2012 was. While it'll certainly be tough