ruin a survey

Jim Beam bravely lets internet put statement on bottle


Most of us think we can come up with better slogans than brands, and Jim Beam Single Statement is foolish enough to let you try your own statement.


8 affordable whiskeys to make amends on Father’s Day


Father's Day gifts are impossible to choose so play it saFe and buy dad a bottle of whiskey.

whiskey hot sauce

How to make your own Whiskey Hot Sauce


  Hot sauce has been the fastest growing condiment in the U.

Mila Kunis

Jim Beam Just Got a Whole Lot Hotter with Its Sexy New Spokeswomen


It's Mila Kunis, and I could watch her drink whiskey all day.

mila kunis jim beam

Mila Kunis makes Jim Beam bourbon look sexier than it already does


Mila Kunis brings us along on her behind the scenes tour of the Jim Beam distillery.


How to make Jim Beam Rice Whiskey Treats


  A drunk man once said, "If Judas ate Rice Whiskey Treats at the Last Supper, Jesus might still be alive today.

whiskey stuffing

How to make Jim Beam Bourbon and Bacon Stuffing


  Stuffing is the 2nd best part of Thanksgiving behind Detroit Lions football, so make sure you do it right by making this Jim Beam Bourbon and Bacon Stuffing.

what to drink in halloween

5 things to drink on Halloween


It's hard enough to drink while in costume let alone mix cocktails.


11 things I learned touring Knob Creek Distillery


Jim Beam is the biggest producer of bourbon on the planet, so it's no surprise that there is a lot to be learned from a tour of the Knob Creek Distillery.

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