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Soooo… There Might Be a Tape of JFK and RFK Running Train on Marilyn Monroe

Those rascally Kennedy boys. What will they do next?

New Viral Campaign For ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Links Magneto to JFK Assasination

If you need further proof that X-Men: Days of Future Past is going to be the best X-Men movie ever, I submit to you this

The 10 Juiciest Presidential Sex Scandals

Presidents! They're just like us. In that they have a general disdain for monogamy.

Here’s the Trailer for the New JFK Assassination Movie ‘Parkland’

The big movie on the JFK assassination has already been done. It was, creatively, called JFK, and Oliver Stone released it to much fanfare 22

An Old Hollywood Private Eye Recorded JFK and Marilyn Monroe Having Sex

Imagine this: President Barack Obama, fresh off the heels of his NSA/Verizon/PRISM/IRS/ETC/ETC/ETC scandals, is caught by a TMZ reporter leaving Jay-Z and Beyonce's Tribeca apartment.

Listen to Air Control Tower Chaos as 100 Humping Turtles Clog the Runway at JFK Airport

Yesterday Runway 4 Left at New York's JFK airport was closed for over an hour. The air travel headache was caused by turtles who just