Watch This F-14 Tomcat Break The Sound Barrier In The Greatest Fly By You’ll Ever See


It's not exactly easy for a jet pilot to time the precise distance until he'll get up to speed and break the sound barrier, but it appears that this pilot did just that.


Watch This School Bus With A Friggin’ JET ENGINE Attached To Its Back Fly Around At 367 Miles Per Hour


It’s days like this when I come across inventions that have absolutely 0 real-world usability that I sit here and think “Man, if only I’d been smart enough to be an engineer, I could’ve ALSO built useless yet amusing shit too.

Rex Ryan

Jets Timeout Costs Them Game vs Green Bay Packers


On fourth down in the fourth quarter down seven points Geno Smith threw an incredible touchdown pass to Jeremy Kerley but the touchdown was negated because someone on the Jets sideline called timeout.


The New York Jets Are Tindering Their Faces Off


And the Wall Street Journal is on it.

New York Jets

Another Week, Another Jets Tip Drill Interception


Last Sunday, we saw the Jets with a tip drill interception against the Bengals.

New York Jets

Jets Fan Who Punched Woman Once Killed a Man


Remember that New York Jets fan who was caught punching a woman on Sunday.


Jets Fan Punched a Woman in the Face and Laughed About It After His Team Beat the Patriots Yesterday


I want so badly to make fun of the Wayne Chrebet jersey and the Zubaz pants but there is nothing funny about this.


UPDATE: This Lucky Bro Is Sitting Next to Kate Upton at Today’s Jet’s Game


Seated next to Kate Upton, this guy won the Bro lottery for his very first Jets game.


Kate Upton Burns Notre Dame with Jets Comparison on Twitter


After Notre Dame suffered a brutal loss to Alabama, Kate Upton chimed in with the post-BCS National Championship game Tweet of the night.


The CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch Has Some Seriously Douchy Rules for His Private Jet


Michael Jeffries, the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch, has a $50 million corporate jet.

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