jet pack fail

Dear America, have we gotten so big our jetpacks don’t even work anymore?


I'm not saying the FAIL here was due to a weight issue, but if he was a little smaller I'm all but certain this would have worked.

Zapata Flyboard

There are not one, but three, water-powered jet vehicles in the world


If you've ever seen a firehose knock somebody flat on their ass, you know that a jet of water can have a lot of power behind it.


VIDEO: This is What It Looks Like to Fly Around in a Jet Pack


Remember when we were posting jet pack videos every other week or so.

water jet pack

VIDEO: The $136,000 Jetlev Water Jet Pack Now Has a Commercial


Back in February Waffles introduced us to the JetLev Flyer, a water-propelled personal jet pack that looks like a sci-fi escape vehicle in "Octop*ssy.


VIDEO: This Jet Pack is Awesome


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