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Crossfit by Jesus Is the Most Sacrilegiously Hilarious Workout Ever

Get jacked on God.

Happy Easter! Here’s a Rap By a White Guy Called ‘Jesus Is My N – - – -’

Sipping on a Grail, smoking on a blunt?

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Dutifully Reports Both Santa and Jesus are White

News you can … use … I guess?

Watch Kanye West Explain His Decision to Bring Jesus on Tour in New Interview

Accompanying Kanye West on tour this fall is Kendrick Lamar, the up-and-coming Compton rapper who set the world ablaze with his verse on "Control," and

For the Ladies: There is a Jesus Figurine That Also Doubles as a Ceramic Dildo

The Jesus Dildo, ladies and gentleman. It's the ideal toy for every lady. Christian chicks can finally worship their didlo and not feel bad about

Stephen Colbert Reacts to the News that Jesus May Have Had a Wife

There's been a lot of buzz in the academic world this week about a fragment of papyrus from the 4th century that speculates Jesus had