Jesus Christ

Conan uncovers rare footage of Jesus’ married life


Last week, archeologists uncovered documents that could prove that Jesus was married.

strange Bible stories

9 of the most messed up stories from the Bible


The Bible has long been a source of inspiration to people all over the world.

Shania Twain

9 famous people who were once homeless


It’s no secret that a lot of celebrities struggle on their way up the ladder of fame.

Shoko Asahara

7 people who claimed to be Jesus


It’s one thing to compare yourself to Jesus.

Zelda vs. Jesus

‘Zelda vs. Jesus’ isn’t a fighting game, but a Kickstarter project


Since the very beginning of Link's adventures, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit has been by his side.

Tupac Shakur

9 celebrities who died young (and what they’d be doing now)

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People often wonder “What if [insert name of famous person] didn’t die young.

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