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Want Jesse Pinkman To Scream ‘Yo, Bitch’ At You? Well, Now There’s An App For That!


Aaron Paul is most notable for an incredible stint on 'The Price Is Right', but he later went on to star in a 2002 music video for the band Korn.

need for speed

Here’s the First Full-Length Trailer for Aaron Paul’s ‘Need for Speed’


Need for Speed's first full-length trailer delivers, in spades, the classic Jesse Pinkman ha-HA laugh—but it feels a little.

Jesse Pinkman

Aaron Paul in the 2002 Korn music video for ‘Thoughtless’ is fantastic


Did anyone else here realize Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad was in a 2002 Korn music video for the song "Thoughtless" looking very Jesse Pinkman-like.

Saturday Night Live

Jesse Pinkman supports Obamacare because his friend got cancer and had to cook meth


Saturday Night Live opened Season 39 with a special message about Obamacare.

Walter White

‘Breaking Bad’ Apparently Ends With a Weird Threesome


Boy, if this actually happens, there are going to be some pretty distraught people.

slow motion

Watch a Ball of Scorching-Hot Nickel Melt Gummy Bears Because It’s Friday


There is a well-trafficked YouTube channel devoted to running experiments with a red-hot ball of nickel.

this is my own private domicile bitch

Aaron Paul tells ‘Conan’ he loves all the bitches


Aaron Paul gets paid to say bitch more than anyone but Trey Parker.

Jesse Pinkman GIFs

Aaron Paul channels Jesse Pinkman during Emmy nomination


Aaron Paul and Neil Patrick Harris announced the Emmy nominations this morning.

Jesse Pinkman

Aaron Paul Says the Breaking Bad Finale Is So Good, “You Guys Are Gonna Sh*t Your Pants”


There are times in showbiz where its best to lower expectations--like whilst applying to colleges, its better to be pleasantly surprised rather than inexorably disappointed.

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