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Here’s the First Full-Length Trailer for Aaron Paul’s ‘Need for Speed’

Need for Speed's first full-length trailer delivers, in spades, the classic Jesse Pinkman ha-HA laugh—but it feels a little... depressing this time around. Maybe it's Paul being forced

‘Breaking Bad’ Apparently Ends With a Weird Threesome

Boy, if this actually happens, there are going to be some pretty distraught people. Think of all the senseless killing and emotional strife that could

Aaron Paul Awesomely Autographs the Napkin of His Waiter at Carrabba’s

Reason #54324 Aaron Paul is awesome. After dining at a Carrabba’s in Beaumont, TX, Aaron Paul left this amazing note on a napkin for his

Watch a Ball of Scorching-Hot Nickel Melt Gummy Bears Because It’s Friday

There is a well-trafficked YouTube channel devoted to running experiments with a red-hot ball of nickel. Follow your dreams, kids. Anything is possible.

Aaron Paul Says the Breaking Bad Finale Is So Good, “You Guys Are Gonna Sh*t Your Pants”

There are times in showbiz where its best to lower expectations--like whilst applying to colleges, its better to be pleasantly surprised rather than inexorably disappointed.

Here Is a Wonderful ‘Breaking Bad’ Jesse Pinkman ‘Bitch’ Compilation

Our favorite meth dealer indeed. 

Here’s What a ‘Breaking Bad’ Thanksgiving Dinner Would Look Like

I didn’t have high hopes for this, but it was pretty spot-on. The fella playing Jesse Pinkman has his voice down pat.

Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul Star in ‘Breaking Brokeback,’ Another Hilarious ‘Breaking Bad’ Parody

"Cooking meth takes chemistry."

‘Breaking Bad’ Recap Season 5, Episode 3: ‘Hazard Pay’

Is it a bit sad that we’re nearly halfway through this year’s cut of Season 5? Absolutely. Yet if this table-setting episode was any indication

Before He Was Jesse Pinkman, Aaron Paul Was A Crazy Contestant on ‘The Price is Right’

Not to show-up Happy Gilmore, but it appears as if the Price is Right. BITCH.