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Everyone on USF’s Football Team Has the Same Last Name

Gotta support the team.

The Detroit Lions are Very Passionate About Recycling

Go Lions!

Game-Worn Johnny Manziel Jersey Expected to Bring in $100,000

Fork it over, fans.

Should LeBron James Wear 6 or 23 in Cleveland?

Pretty clear choice IMO.

El Paso Chihuahuas Will Take Name Too Literally, Wear These Jerseys

Not subtle.

Fan Mocks Up Professional Soccer Kits for SEC Schools, Lives in a Fantasy World

Look at these, Pawwwwwwwwwl!

The Top 20 Selling Jerseys in All of Sports

Are you as surprised as we are to not see Jordan on this list?

The New Charlotte Hornets Jerseys Are Hella Fresh

  If you’re an 80s baby who grew up watching Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning in a Charlotte Hornets uniform, […]

The 50 Sickest Throwbacks Ever

I must have this Goldberg Mighty Ducks jersey.

The 165 Sickest Basketball Jerseys of All Time

The Bros from Pop Chart Labs made an incredible chart detailing the dopest basketball jerseys (real and fictional) of all time. It's nothing short of

Brooklyn Cyclones to Wear Sithclones Jerseys


These Pink Camo Baseball Uniforms are Something


Junior Lake Wore the Wrong Chicago Cubs Jersey Today

Not cursed.

The U.S. World Cup Away Kit Bleeds America


San Francisco Giants’ Tim Lincecum Swapped Jerseys With an Actual Giant


These College Football Uniform Concepts Are Sick

Earlier this week we featured Mr. Design Junkie’s concept uniform designs for all 32 NFL teams. Now designs for college […]

Here’s What the NBA All-Star Game Jerseys Look Like

The NBA All-Star Game is rapidly approaching. All across the league, players are feverishly practicing not playing any defense at all. Other preparations are also

Bro Imagines What NBA Jerseys Would Look Like If Designed By Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, and Google

Everyone loves losing their shit over novelty special edition jerseys that sports teams only wear a couple times before going back to their regular wears. Canadian

Mississippi State Unveils Gold Helmet for Egg Bowl

Mississippi State’s Thanksgiving Night game against Ole Miss won’t be just any Egg Bowl. It will be an Egg Bowl in which the Bulldogs wear

Hockey Team Will Wear These Awesome ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’ Jerseys

Holy crap, this has to be one of the coolest things a hockey team has ever done. 

Coming to College Basketball: Turquoise Jerseys!

Four college basketball teams will wear special turquoise uniforms in observance of Native American Heritage Month. Florida State, Nevada, Oregon State and New Mexico, all

What Not to Wear at Sporting Events

Basically anything Lakers, Yankees or Cowboys. 

Northwestern Will Wear the Most Patriotic Uniforms in History Against Michigan

Northwestern has gone 0-5 since noted alums Mike Wilbon and Brent Musburger wore Wildcats jerseys on ESPN’s College GameDay. With their seasons spinning wildly out

Orange You Glad the New York Knicks Have New Alternate Uniforms?

The New York Knicks will sell out in the name of jersey sales this year when they wear these slick all-orange numbers. They will delight

Minnesota Vikings Fan Has a Great Brett Farve Jersey

The wounds are still fresh in the Twin Cities.

Rate the USA’s Olympic Hockey Jerseys

Nike has unveiled the AMERICAN HOCKEY jerseys to be worn next year in Sochi. If your loins don’t tingle with patriotism just by looking at

LeBron James Hooks His Old High School Up with Some Sick New Nike Football Uniforms

LeBron James just hooked St. Vincent-St. Mary up with some dope new football uniforms, designed by Nike. It's good to be King, all hail the King... 

The 15 Ugliest Throwback Uniforms in Sports

Not all throwback jerseys are created equal. In fact, some are just plain fugly....

The 30 Worst Special Edition Jerseys Ever

You ain't got no alibi.

The 20 Worst Sports Uniform Decisions Ever

Whoever brought Zubaz back can GTFO...

Here’s Every Second of Shaquille O’Neal’s Jersey Retirement Ceremony

Shaquille O’Neal had his number retired by the Los Angeles Lakers last night. The ceremony was equal parts funny, touching, and star-studded.

Ranking the Coolest NBA Jerseys This Season

The dopest of the dope.

Nostaglia Alert: NBA Teams Will Wear These ‘90s Throwback Jerseys

Miss the '90s like you miss Bill Clinton, Dunkaroos, and your GameBoy? You'll appreciate the throwback jerseys seven NBA teams will rock in February.

The 50 Coolest Sports Jerseys You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

I want some of these throwback hockey jerseys so, so bad. Especially the old school North Stars jersey, the Anaheim Ducks Goldberg jersey, and the

Ranking the Best and Worst NHL Jerseys of the 2013 Season

The NHL begins today! So here's a look at the best and worst jerseys of the 2013 season. 

What Do You Think of the Jerseys for the NBA All Star Game?

The NBA has unveiled jerseys for next month’s All-Star Game and they are very American.

20 Jerseys We Wish Still Existed

"New” doesn’t necessarily mean “fresh,” and sometimes the coolest gear is still the old stuff—particularly in the world of sports, where teams change uniforms just

Incredible Idea: Real Sociedad Wears Names of Fans on Jerseys

As Americans, we are extremely nervous about professional sports teams having corporate sponsors plastered all over jerseys. Perhaps we’re looking at it all wrong, because

$ponsored Jerseys Coming To An NBA Arena Near You!

The NBA's Board of Governors has approved the usage of jersey advertisements in the form of small patches, beginning in the 2013-2014 season. While this

What Do You Think of Nike’s New Uniforms for the Seattle Seahawks?

The Swoosh just dropped their uniforms makeovers for all 32 NFL teams. Check them all out on Facebook. Perhaps the most notable cosmetic change