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Al Pacino Will Play Joe Paterno in Upcoming Movie


There’s No Telling How Long TMZ Waited to Use This Jerry Sandusky Headline

Well played, TMZ. Way to wade through the nonsense and present the news in the most succinct and effective way possible.

College Football Fans Can’t Stop Making Child Rape Jokes

College football kicks off tomorrow and a nation is rightly aroused. No other sport elicits such a vitriolic passion from fan bases. Sometimes that can

Dear Penn State Students and Alumni: Be Different and Shut Up

Have you ever reacted too quickly to something? Made a bad call, a poor judgment on limited info? Maybe you believed that girl when she

Let the Great Penn State Player Poach Begin!

Anyone heard the news? It's open season on Penn State players!

Penn State Students Did Not Take Yesterday’s News Well

We knew this video had to be coming at some point—and luckily, the good people at the Big Ten Network were happy to exploit Penn

Penn State Avoids ‘Death Penalty’ But Hit With 4-Year Bowl Ban and Other Lofty Sanctions

Penn State still has a football program, but after the NCAA announced its sanctions (just minutes ago), I wouldn't expect them to contend or be

Joe Paterno Statue Will Be Taken Down this Weekend

According to Kim Jones, a Penn State alum and reporter for the NFL Network, Penn State plans to take down the Joe Paterno statue this

Joe Paterno Knew About Child Abuse as Early as 1998

With the release of the Freeh Report today, the legacy of Joe Paterno is officially shattered. Among other damning allegations, it states that the legendary

Penn State Records Second-Highest Donation Total in History

Looks like the Jerry Sandusky scandal hasn't caused Penn State's donors to waver in their giving. The school raised $208 million in donations for the

The Jerry Sandusky Situation Has Spawned Some Awful Shirts

Mother of God, that’s awful. And the grammatical error just makes it all the more special. Extremely classy move by the LSU fan base.

Pedobear Showed Up to Support Jerry Sandusky Today

Pedobear, the Internet's favorite mascot for, uh, pedophilia, showed up in a predictable place today—Jerry Sandusky's trial.

Idiot Alert: Jerry Sandusky’s Lawyer Compares Trial to Episode of ‘All My Children’

Jerry Sandusky’s defense attorney continues to do his best Lionel Hutz impression. This morning, Joe Amendola was asked if the former Penn State defensive coordinator

Videos: Pulled Sandusky, Ohio, Tourism Commercial

Two people I don't envy: Raven's announcer Gerry Sandusky and the residents of Sandusky, Ohio. Sadly, just being the home to Jon Gruden

Ask a Bro: Getting Your Girl into An*l Sex, Jerry Sandusky, and Bouncers Taking Your ID

The Mailbag flew down to Florida and took last week off, but it's back and it's got a golf-sock tan like you wouldn't believe. But

Jon Stewart Tackles the Jerry Sandusky Phone Interview

Last night The Daily Show offered a pretty fantastic take on Jerry Sandusky's now infamous interview on Monday with Bob Costas. Of course, this was

Is This a Photo of Jerry Sandusky Waiting for a Plane at LaGuardia Airport?

TMZ says so. And it's throwing the entire Internet into a frenzy. We're skeptical, but who knows? Right now TMZ isn't providing any details on

Mark Madden Plants Rumor that Jerry Sandusky Was Pimping Out Kids to Rich Donors

Seven months ago, Pittsburgh radio host Mark Madden spelled out exactly what was going to happen to Penn State when news of the

The Penn State Scandal Gets the Taiwanese Animation Treatment

These f*ckin people love seeing sh*t animated, don't they? I almost want to commit some kind of heinous, country shattering crime just to