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Jeremy Lin Dunks on His Mom in EPIC Instagram Video

Bravo to Los Angeles Lakers guard Jeremy Lin for this wonderful Instagram video dunking over his entire family.

Don’t Believe Your Eyes: Jeremy Lin Didn’t Travel on This Play


I Can’t Stop Watching Jeremy Lin’s Atrocious Air Ball


Jeremy Lin Has a Freakish Lump on His Forehead Thanks to Kevin Love’s Elbow

Jeremy Lin doesn’t inspire the same insanity that he once did, but he’s still doing newsworthy things. For instance, he has grotesque lumps form on

ESPN Employees Can’t Stop Saying Offensive Things About Jeremy Lin

With Jeremy Lin dominating at Madison Square Garden, last night felt an awful lot like 2012. ESPN anchors were even falling into their old habit of

There’s a Linsanity Movie, And Here’s the Trailer

Looking back in stone-cold soberness, it’s easy to see that we perhaps let Linsanity get out of control. The guy had, like, 40 days of

‘You’ve Changed, Bro’: Jeremy Lin Makes a Video About His New Life as an NBA Star

Jeremy Lin teamed up with the likes of Steve Nash and James Harden-beard to make You've Changed, Bro, which, among other things, shows that while J-Lins NBA

Jeremy Lin Returns to Madison Square Garden, Linsanity Strikes Yet Again

It was just like old times last night at Madison Square Garden as Jeremy Lin turned in a spectacular performance for the New York crowd.

The 20 Happiest People in Sports, 10 Tailgate Recipe Musts, Plus More Midweek Sports Links

Power through your Thursday with a heapin' helpin of the latest and greatest sports news and entertainment from around the web. 

The Top 10 Breakout Athletes of 2012

The end of the year is coming. Let’s look back at some of the athletes that made a big splash over the past 12 months.

Linsanity! Jeremy Lin Shot Wide-Open Airball to Lose Last Night’s Game

Despite a less-than-stellar lineup (save that tremendous backcourt) the Houston Rockets rallied from 17 back last night to almost top a Miami Heat team that

Sports Stars in Halloween Costumes, 10 Reasons to Hate David Stern, and More Weekend Sports Links

Hurricaned in or not, your weekend sports fix has made it's landfall. Hunker down with the latest and greatest sport content around the web.   

Overlord David Stern Releases NBA 2012-2013 Schedule: Here’s What You Need To Know

This season's NBA schedule has been released. Here are the dates you should be marking on your basketball-crazed calendars:

Sports Links for July 23: The R.I.P. Penn State Edition

Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today.

Sports Links for July 18th: The Lin Goodbye Edition

Here are your best sports links from our friends.

‘Jeremy Lin that I Used to Know’: An Expected, but Funny Parody

Jeremy Lin's departure to the Houston Rockets is hitting Knicks fans hard today. Most of the emotions have been anger directed at owner James Dolan,

Sports Links July 16: The Kobe Bryant Retirement Edition

Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today.

The NBA Offseason, As Explained By This Awesome Picture

The NBA offseason has been full of surprising twists and turns, all of which are beautifully captured in this rather excellent drawing. As per real

Sports Links for July 3: The Jets Super Bowl Edition

Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today.

Jeremy Lin Had Lunch With Fired ESPN Headline Writer

Jeremy Lin reached out to Anthony Federico, the fired ESPN.com editor who used the now-infamous “chink in the armor” headline, and the two went out

‘Linsanity’ Now Has a Marijuana Strain and Rick Ross Seems to Be a Fan

If a series of Tweets from Stalley and Rick Ross is believed to be true, Jeremy Lin now has a pot strain named after him.

Check Out Jeremy Lin Figurine That Sold for $2500

Looks like Linsanity continues to roll on as yesterday we learned that a hand-crafted Jeremy Lin figurine sold for $2,500 about 60 minutes after being

Watch Iman Shumpert’s Vicious Dunk Over Kevin Garnett, Plus More Highlights from Celtics-Knicks

Rajon Rondo went completely nuts in the Celtics' 118-115 overtime win over the Knicks on Sunday, putting up a ridiculous 18 points (7-for-20 but still),

Presenting a Jeremy Lin Parody Video That Actually Made Me Laugh

This video shatters the long-held perception that all Jeremy Lin parody videos need to be terrible. And it’s about time, because the supply

Bill Simmons Interviewed Barack Obama About Linsanity, College Football Playoffs and More

If you love Bill Simmons, Barack Obama, wasting company time, or all three, then Bill's interview with the President will really make your day. About

Putting Fortune Cookies in that Jeremy Lin Ice Cream Was a Bad Idea

Ben & Jerry’s has apologized for the inclusion of fortune cookies in the company’s Jeremy Lin-inspired flavor. Taste the Lin-sanity, a limited-edition flavor available at

People Can Stop Making Jeremy Lin T-Shirts Because the Best Just Arrived

I'm not exactly a Knicks or Jeremy Lin fan but this t-shirt is pretty B.A. Baracus if I do say so myself. If you don't

Jimmy Fallon Performs ‘Jeremy’ Lin as Eddie Vedder

Last night Jimmy Fallon gave us a nice flashback to 1992. He harnessed his best Eddie Vedder impersonation (compared to his other impersonations it's pretty

Iman Shumpert Was Going to Use Jeremy Lin, Couch as Dunk Contest Props

New York Knicks guard Iman Shumpert officially withdrew from the Slam Dunk contest yesterday due to a cranky knee. It's too bad he did, because

A Flowchart Asks: Are You a Jeremy Lin Fan, or Probably Kind of Racist?

Not sure if you like Jeremy Lin or if you're a fuming racist? Apparently, you're not alone in your indecision. Plenty of people, just like

The Jersey Sports Fan Thinks the ‘Sky is the LINit’

Although he didn't enjoy watching (or, rather, not watching) the Giants win the Super Bowl, the Jersey Sports Fan has seemed to come back from

Fired ESPN Editor: ‘Chink in the Armor’ Headline Was Unintentional

Over the weekend, ESPN.com featured this unfortunate Jeremy Lin-related headline for 35 minutes. The network acted swiftly, firing the editor responsible for the mistake. Today,

Shameless Female New York Knicks Fan Wants Jeremy ‘LINside’ Her (Pic)

This classy sign comes to us via Deadspin. Surely her parents are so proud. Another career day for Jeremy Lin,  who scored 28 points and

Watch SNL’s Opening ‘Linsanity’ Spoof

Last night SNL opened with a brilliant spoof of how the sports media machine has handled "Linsanity," not-so-subtly pointing out all sorts of double-standards and

Linsanity Momentarily Ends with ESPN.com’s Racist ‘Chink In The Armor’ Headline

Good news, college graduates and budding sports journalists: Someone idiotic overnight editor on ESPN.com's mobile site lost their job last night.

‘Jerry Linn’ Responds to FSU Sorority Girl Who Wanted To Take Him to Formal

The Kappa Delta at Florida State who wanted to take "Jerry Linn" to her formal has received a response. Ask and ye shall

Here’s Our Only Jeremy Lin Post of the Day

We almost did it. We almost went an entire day without a Jeremy Lin post. We resisted the urge to mention him when

Can Jeremy Lin Save the Number 17?

There's no hotter NBA jersey right now than that of Jeremy Lin. His No. 17 Knicks kit is flying off the racks from Chinatown to

Hot Kappa Delta Girl at Florida State Wants Date With ‘Jerry Linn’

Angie here is a member of Kappa Delta at Florida State. She's heard a lot about New York Giants star Jerry Linn and

Hatorade: Where the Worst Things of the Week Get Served

Each week, there are countless things that makes us happy to be alive. There are, however, a few that don't. Hatorade is where we vent