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Guy on ‘Jeopardy’ Didn’t Know Final Jeopardy Answer, But He Went Down In Flames Like a True Champion

I would have gone out the same way.

‘Jeopardy’ Contestant Delivers Incredibly Awkward Mid-Show Interview

Jeopardy chats are dumb.

Arthur Chu Finally Lost On Jeopardy, Posts Really Bizarre YouTube Video to Say Goodbye

Troll on the Internet. Troll in real life.

This Jeopardy Girl From Ohio State Might be the Dumbest Person Alive

This is walking, talking Ohio State joke is from the gentlemen of Guyism.com, who posted it a couple days ago. Sometimes […]

This Clip of Joseph Gordon Levitt on Jeopardy in 1997 Will Cause Your Eyes to Have a Reaction

Whether or not this is a postive reaction, I cannot say. 

Even Jeopardy Can’t Resist Making Fun of Taylor Swift

Alex Trebek, you bastard.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Knows His Dirty Movies

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar appeared on a special celebrity installment of “Jeopardy” last night and provided deep insight into his personal life through an erroneous buzz-in.

When Things Get Sexual On ‘Jeopardy,” we All Win

When you watch "Jeopardy," you're watching the popular game show to gain some valuable knowledge, like the gestation period for the star nose

Alex Trebek Tears Achilles Tendon Chasing a Burglar; Is Kind of a Bad$$

Earlier today everyone's favorite 72-year-old game show host was in the San Francisco Bay Area to host the National Geographic World Championship event

Jeopardy Contestant Has No Idea Who Cam Newton Is

You can't expect much in terms of sports knowledge from a Jeopardy contestant. How these people know half the sh*t they are asked

Jeopardy Contestant: ‘What is… P*ssy Furry?’

Want to see a Jeopardy contestant unintentionally make a fool out of herself?

Madoff: Banks ‘Had to Know’; Plus, Watson’s Final Jeopardy FAIL

Here are this morning's top news headlines… Crooks: In his first interview since going to jail, Bernie Madoff says that the banks he worked with "had