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‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One’ Teaser Trailer Is Here

All the District dwellers who escaped to District 13 are fixin' to have an uprising!

So… We’re Hearing Rumors Jennifer Lawrence Is Single Again

Unconfirmed, but well-sourced ish.

Jennifer Lawrence Had Some SERIOUS Side-Boob Action Going on

When she's not goofin' around with Emma Watson, our girl Jennifer Lawrence is rocking the side-boob of the century in Paris.

PHOTO: Jennifer Lawrence Shoved Emma Watson in the Face Today


Jennifer Lawrence Would Be the Best Chick Ever to Party With, Talks About Puking After Drinking

I think we can all agree that it'd be fun as hell to throwback a bunch of Fireball shots at the bar with Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence Got Dat Booty and It’s AMAZEBALLS

She was lookin' fineeeeeeee at the premiere of X-Men: Days Past the other night.

A Drunk Jennifer Lawrence Once Puked In Front of Miley Cyrus

Even when she vomits, it's cool.

Jennifer Lawrence Fucks For All Her Roles… Says Lindsay Lohan

LiLo would know.

Woman Drops $25K to Look Like Jennifer Lawrence, Kind of Looks Like Jennifer Lawrence?

If you squint? Squint for a while? Like a few minutes until your vision gets blurry and you lose you balance?

Guess Who Jennifer Lawrence Is Picking to Win the NCAA Tournament?

Check out the newfangled shocker she's just discovered

Jennifer Lawrence Does an Epic Lip Sync In an ‘American Hustle’ Deleted Scene

If you saw American Hustle, you'll recall Jennifer Lawrence's lip synch to Paul McCartney's “Live and Let Die." Turns out there's a scene where she

I Can’t Stop Looking at This Photo of Jennifer Watson — Or Is It Emma Lawrence?

Very nice.

This Is What It’s Like to Be Jennifer Lawrence’s Best Friend at the Oscars

Good read here for all you Jennifer Lawrence fanboys on what it's like to be J-Law's best friend.

This Week’s Hottie Index Features Some of Our Favorites

The Hottie Index is here!

Epic GIF of Bradley Cooper Checking Out Jennifer Lawrence’s Boobs at the Oscars

This might make things awkward the next time Bradley Cooper works with Jennifer Lawrence.

Here Is a GIF of Jennifer Lawrence Falling Down, Which We, as an Internet Website, Are Required by Law to Post

Social contract type shit.

Ali G Oscar GIFs

Ali G is BACK!

Jennifer Lawrence Freaks Out on a Reporter After She Spoils ‘Homeland’ In Front of Damian Lewis

On the red carpet for the SAGs, a trolly Access Hollywood reporter pulled the ultimate d-bag move by spoiling Homeland for Jennifer Lawrence. What makes it even

This GIF of Jennifer Lawrence Photoboming Taylor Swift Is GREAT

Now THIS is how you troll Taylor Swift. Kudos to Jennifer Lawrence for this epic photobomb of Taylor Swift while T-swizzle yammed it up with

The Official 2014 Golden Globe Awards Drinking Game

Golden Globes drinking game time, Bros! One of the biggest and booziest nights in showbiz is upon us. Head to the liquor store now because nothing is

Jennifer Lawrence’s Bouncing Boobs Make for the Most Hypnotizing GIF Ever

Stabilized GIFs are a magical thing. Follow BroBible on Twitter here....

Joan Rivers and Jennifer Lawrence are Fighting, So Naturally We Side with Rivers

JUST KIDDING. On the Internet, you side against Jennifer Lawrence at your own peril. But Rivers has done just that, making the comedy legend Earth's first-ever person to publicly

Here’s a GIF of That Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence Makeout

Looking to see American Hustle over the break? You should! It's a very good movie. And it doesn't hurt that Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams share

Today In Kinky News About Jennifer Lawrence Girl-on-Girl Action

If you went to go see American Hustle this weekend, you know about the titillating scene where Amy Adams makes out with Jennifer Lawrence. So what's it like to

Ever Wonder What Jennifer Lawrence Looks Like Before/After Being Photoshopped?

Don't worry, Jennifer Lawrence. We know you're perfect and don't have to have Kanye defend you from being a Photoshop-loving Hobbit. This GIF making the

Did Jennifer Lawrence Have a Meltdown on the Red Carpet?

Damn. Jennifer Lawrence looks like she needs some time off pretty badly. This video of the 23-year-old actress on the red carpet at the "The Hunger Games: Catching

Jennifer Lawrence Told TWO Stories About Sh*tting Her Pants to David Letterman

A very visably exhausted, overworked Jennifer Lawrence appeared on The Late Show last night to do the requisite publicity for this weekened's The Hunger Games: Catching Fire box

Just Like Every Other Celebrity, Jennifer Lawrence Is a Hypocrite

Oh sure, you and the rest of the world are in love with her. But Joan Rivers just slammed her for being a typical hypocrtical

Today In News About Jennifer Lawrence and Camel Toe…

“I was surprised at how little camel toe problem there was. I was expecting a lot more.”

Bros: Jennifer Lawrence Cut Her Hair…. Is She Still Hot?

Bad day for guys who like chicks with long hair and great day for those who like ladies with short hair: The most loveable starlet

Jennifer Lawrence Said ‘Go F*ck Yourselves’ to Fat Shamers

For some ungodly reason, in certain dark recesses of the Internet there exist troll people who call Jennifer Lawrence fat. Jennifer Lawrence is not fat.

You’re Going to Get to See Jennifer Lawrence Naked Soon, Bros

Amazing news, Bros: America's Hollywood sweetheart, Jennifer Lawerence, is going to get naked on-screen, you guys. Very, very naked, in fact, as Mystique in the

Jennifer Lawrence Continues to Be a Dream Girl, Gives Alcohol-Soaked Interview to Vogue

Jennifer Lawrence continues to be every bro's dream girl—someone who, it should go without saying, is smoking-hot, but also utterly magnetic, a genuine and genuinely

Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper BRING IT for the ‘American Hustle’ Trailer

My my my. This is David O. Russell's (The Fighter, Silver Linings Playbook) work for this year, and the first look indicates it may very

Watch Jennifer Lawerence FREAK OUT When Meeting His Dudeness, or Duder, or El Duderino

In another life, when BroBible is taken just a little more seriously by the mainstream entertainment media (i.e.: next year), I dream of waltzing onto

Want to See a Nude Jennifer Lawrence in Her ‘X Men’ Mystique Body Suit?

Thank you, X Men: First Class director Bryan Singer. Thank you.

The First Trailer for ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ is Here and Jennifer Lawrence is Looking HOT

I personally did not like the first Hunger Games movie. The book was too good, too vivid; in my mind there was no way the

Jennifer Lawrence Should Be Everyone’s Dream Girl Today

Last night, Jennifer Lawrence won a well-deserved Oscar for her turn as Tiffany in "Silver Linings Playbook." Few people are talking, though, about how she

Jennifer Lawrence Takes Mighty Fall While Accepting Her Best Actress Oscar

Jennifer Lawrence captured the Academy Award for best actress last night, a defining moment in what appears to be a limitless career. The best minute

Jennifer Lawrence Did Shots of Tequila and Then Went on Jimmy Kimmel to Talk About Her Boobs

As if she wasn't already your dream Hollywood starlet, Jennifer Lawrence just shot to the very top of our "A-listers we want to get hammered