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Jen Selter’s Blonde Friend From That Dan Bilzerian Photo Has a Really Hot Instagram Account

Being a hot chick has it's perks, the first of which is obviously meeting Dan Bilzerian.

Dan Blizerian and Jen Selter Got Together in Las Vegas, Took Awesome Ass-tagram

That's a picture of an ass. On Instagram.

This Instagram Video of Jen Selter Working Out Is So Hot, It Will Melt Your Brain

Swimsuit Model Genevieve Morton uploaded this video of Jen Selter's weekend work out.

Jen Selter Squatting Is Made Slightly Less Hot When Farts Are Added

I'm still turned on

Jen Selter’s Butt Has Written a Column in the ‘New York Post’

Jen Selter's Butt has gained the ability to speak, and Jen Selter's Butt has chosen to deliver that voice in the New York Post.

Here’s Jen Selter and Her Ass Posing Outside Our Office Yesterday

We were too busy blogging to come out and enjoy her. I'll tell you what, the shit we do for you guys... We would have

Checking In On Jen Selter’s Ass

It's been a while... Yep, it's still there...

Move Over, Jen Selter: Caitlin Rice Is the World’s New Hottest Yoga Pants Instagram Ass Model

Move over, Jen Selter.

Jen Selter Shakes Her Ass, Says Athletes Love Her ‘Big, Famous’ Booty

Jen Selter's ass is the 8th wonder of the world.

Dwight Howard Met Jen Selter’s Ass, Seemed to Enjoy It

Dwight Howard is despised by teammates and loved by famous internet butts. You win some, you lose some. Read Dwight Howard […]

Here’s a Video Interview With Jen Selter, You Will Watch It

Everyone is currently still in love with Instagram's, Jen Selter, because DAT ASS. Here is one of only a few video interviews that she's done. 

Jen Selter: The Most Instagrammed Ass In The World

Ever since we posted this little gallery about Jen Selter, we've been so obsessed with the hot yoga pants fitness model that we can't resist Googling

20 Reasons Every Bro Should Be Following Ass-Tastic Fitness Model Jen Selter on Instagram

The New York Post recently did an article about 20-year-old fitness model Jen Selter. Thanks to the help of yoga pants-loving sites like The Chive, she's